Battlefield 2042 Next-Gen vs. Last-Gen Map Comparison

Check out the Battlefield 2042 next-gen vs. last-gen map comparison map comparison to see which parts of Orbital are closed off on PS4, Xbox One.

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Ozzy240744d ago (Edited 44d ago )

last gen only getting half the player count half the map everything is half apart from the price

Yi-Long44d ago

Weren’t the new-gen players complaining that there were too many empty spaces on the bigger maps and traversal took too long and was boring, so they were choosing to play on the smaller 64 player maps instead … ?

Teflon0244d ago

?? What are you talking about?
The game didn't even release yet... only one map has been tried and tbh if anyone had issues with that in Battlefield 2042, they're probably playing wrong because this is the most populated a BF game has ever been. Where there's someone everywhere

FortWaba44d ago

The beta was broken, with people flying and clipping through everything, but it definitely wasn't barren. All lobbies I played in were full.

demonseye44d ago

@fortwaba they did use bots to fill the lobbies. even though there were enough players there were always bots added. i think they just wanted to test them out see how they would function on a larger scale.

Binarycode43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The map was big, but pointless. Many area's not doing anything.

BF4-5 map design is better. If your going to have larger maps, you need to space them out. They should have had landing zones for choppers and you should have to land the littlebird to reload. I watched a guy on youtube get a 135 killstreak in one because it's overpowered and just reloads itself as if by magic.

They had tons of of game design that worked. levolution worked well, changed the map. in BF4. Just improve on the things that needed improving. Vehicles felt correct, characters were good. Just needed more destruction is purpose.

WTF is this hurricane crap or rockets lifting off. pointless.

People just want more maps are relase, classes to work well and bring about teams helping eachother.

Then there should be modes, smaller maps for those that like that.

Gun game is a fav, capture the flag over a large distance.

From the Beta I can see this selling less then BF4 and if it does. A new team needs to take over.