Top 5 Mishandled Game Franchises

It was pretty amusing hearing die-hard Fallout fans whine that Fallout 3 was too much like another award-winning RPG. You don't know how good you've got it, guys. There's been a lot of other well-regarded game franchises that have become been completely derailed by publishers/developers through neglect, incompetence, greed, or some combination of the three. As a result of these mistakes, a hit game never becomes a hit series and a hit series becomes a shadow of its former self. Here are five of the worst examples

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FreestyleBarnacle4572d ago

Although I would say that not releasing a game putting you on the list a la Duke Nukem means that you would be able to put Monkey Island on there.

EvilCackle4572d ago

It's sort of covered under the Star Wars entry but yeah. I'm not sure LucasArts has even expressed the slightest bit of interest in making another one.

kesvalk4572d ago

ahhhh x-com, the old days of golden gaming are really gone...

so nostalgic... my first base aways had the name jugulator, the second was aways the wardens riff, don't know why

i miss the good days... hope the next one delivers the same imersion as the old game did...

EvilCackle4572d ago

I was always curious about where people put their first base. I suspect most, like me, just placed it as close to their hometown as possible. Gotta protect my favorite bar from the alien invasion.

iceman28854572d ago

I loved that game. Simply fantastic and it's a shame computer games have gone to the wayside considering what they used to be.

-GametimeUK-4572d ago

Tomb Raider has basically been slaughtered lol

EvilCackle4572d ago

Yeah, Tomb Raider is a viable candidate for the list. It started out as a repetitive, frustrating platformer with a bad camera that skated by on its main character's sex appeal and that hasn't changed in a decade.

Cajun Chicken4572d ago


I'd love the third game to actually be a reboot of the franchise and remake of the original with duck and cover mechanics and slight stealth sections with an excellent multiplayer, Tommy Tallarico making the epic music again and NO stupid bloody Doctor Hawkin puzzles, just balls to the wall actio and destroy minecrawlers by manually crashing them off cliffs into oceans and a real death count acting as a timer.

Yes, I ask a lot for a new MDK, make it happen Interplay, Planet Moon, NOW.

FreestyleBarnacle4571d ago

Personally I would accept the original on a new machine. It was so much fun and then my computer wouldn't run the sequel. Pesky onward marching technology.

gumgum994572d ago

Its funny how Crash Bandicoot isn't up there.

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The story is too old to be commented.