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Jason says, "It’s rare I feel the need to be more favorable based purely on merit, but what I witnessed here was a game that showed unfathomably hard work by a very small dev team. Yes, it’s nostalgia includes seriously formulaic progression that includes the core gameplay itself. And yes, it’s pushing the limits of price for an indie game that’s so short. But that’s where the criticism stops, and instead the game enthralled me, impressed me, and most of all, has a beating heart. Such a small team put in blood, sweat, and tears, and even managed to show me how Zelda could look and sound. This is, indeed, a top tier indie game you shouldn’t miss."

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masterfox50d ago

"Managed to Show Me How Zelda Could Look and Sound"
Sadly that will never happen, but good thing Nintendo is no longer needed, other developers already pulling out way stunning looking games way better than any other Zelda game, Kena was made by 15 devs I think and with Pixar Visuals, while BOTW was made by hundreds for a just a cel shaded looking game that a 360 or PS3 can easely handle(15 years ago), oh and Kena is priced at 40 bucks ;)

ThePacemaker50d ago

Nintendo is No longer needed? LMFAO

Good luck in finding a developer who can create a zelda like game that manages to get a metacritic score of 97 (BOTW)

masterfox50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I wonder if the game didn't have the Zelda name and still receive that average score?, hmmm guess will never know, is like that Halo Infinite MP beta test, every game journalist is going crazy for it, but honestly that looks super dull and average, even DF going crazy saying how good the visuals look?, seriously that's hilariously funny to say while the Beta looking like that. So sadly the name brand influence alot into todays game journalist(still not all of them) and they can't give a proper more impartial review, so for this reason in my case I give a damn about most review scores, the bias can be seen in some of them from miles away.

heck!, look at that Metroid Dread game, Nintendo throw it at you at 59.99 , reviews came in giving it a good score , but nobody even mentions the slightest that price tag(I wonder why hmm), hell if it was another game with the exact same mechanics, with better visuals and sold at that price it would be bombarded by the critics, FIST is at 29.99 and it looks way!!! more appealing then that Metroid game, not joking, for todays reviews you had to be very wary in what to trust.

RaiderNation50d ago

PersonalIy I dont need them. Their games no longer do anything for me and havent for quite some time.

BrettAwesome50d ago

I guarantee you PS360 can't run TLOU2

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andy8549d ago

But it didn't deserve that score did it. If it didn't have the Zelda name and was on Playstation it'd score mid 80s. There was hardly any enemy variety, it's incredibly repetitive and one of the things that annoyed me the most, no recipe book? That's nonsensical when you can cook hundreds of different things. And the voice acting is average at best. It's a great game but a 97? Not in the slightest.

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iplay1up250d ago (Edited 50d ago )

You think a ps360 can handle BOTW? LOL!! No, absolutely not. Those systems didn't even have 1gb of RAM. BOTW, pushed Wii U, to the max, and that has 2GB of ram.

Also, MK8, Metroid, Mario(name the game, tennis, golf, etc) Smash Bros, Animal crossing, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Zelda, and so many more. These are all iconic game franchises. Nintendo is as relevant today, as it was in 1988. They own some of the biggest game IP'S around.
Switch has only been out 4.5 years, and is closing in, on 100 million systems sold. I would say Nintendo is 100% needed. Metroid Dread, is fantastic!

So many great games, and franchises! The big N isn't going anywhere. Even with lack of 4k, their games are mostly pure fun. Visually Bowsers revenge looked pretty damn impressive.

Shadowsteal50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If the PS3 and 360 can run fucking GTAV and The Last of Us 2. I can guarantee talented developers could get BOTW running on it.

I own a Switch, but let's be honest every Nintendo console plays the same games.

2D Mario
3D Mario
Mario Kart
Mario Sports
Donkey Kong
2D Zelda
3D Zelda
Animal Crossing

Even the map size of Switch Animal Crossing is the same as 3DS one. And Pokemon Sword and Shield looks like 3DS graphics.

It's the same shit every console...

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Imalwaysright50d ago


PS3 can run TloU 2? Is this some kind of joke? You being sure of something doesn't prove anything. BoTW physics system is rivaled only by RDR2 physics system and there isn't a single game on the PS3 or the 360 that gives any indication that those 2 systems could handle BoTW physics system.

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Einhander197150d ago

Typical the Nintendo haters come out play. Regardless of what you think or say. The big N ain't going anywhere, and the Switch is a huge success deal with it. Oh and back on topic Kena is a stunning game.

iplay1up249d ago

I want Kena, but I want it for PS5, the only problem, is I still haven't found one @MSRP. I know it looks really good, on PS4, but it looks even better on PS5. Also It isn't coming to any Xbox anytime soon, if at all.

badz14950d ago

Maybe in 2 gens time Nintendo will make something that looks like like Kena.

TheDoomedGuy49d ago

Waiting for a physical release to get this. Constantly tempted to buy digital though