Forget GTA, Remaster The Max Payne Trilogy Instead

Rockstar are preparing to release the GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition, when they should have put their energy into a Max Payne Trilogy.

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againx4479d ago

or remaster nothing. where's bully 2

Snakeeater25479d ago

In the garbage with the first one. Yes remaster maxpayne

wwinterj479d ago

Remaster Manhunt and Max Payne after GTA. Remasters don't take away from the teams working on other projects.

chicken_in_the_corn479d ago

The GTA V remaster killed the SP DLC

CrimsonWing69479d ago

Not to be that guy but can you link me to articles that explain that? I’d like to know the process, myself.

CrimsonWing69479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

That’s the thing, how about we get to play other sequels? We didn’t get to trilogies by milking remasters for chrissakes!

jambola479d ago

hopefully based in the past, I don't think I could handle modern highschool made by modern roclstar

NeoGamer232478d ago

Or even better yet....

And original new IP?

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Orchard479d ago

I'm not a huge fan of remasters, but It would be nice to be able to play MP 1 through 3 on a modern console.

chiefJohn117479d ago

I was just dreaming Bout this lol

Dandizzle479d ago

Well max Payne 3 is made by rockstar but 2 and 1 are made by remedy and unless they got source code and assets from first 2 games that is not gonna happen.

isarai478d ago

Seeing as how R* published 1&2 and own the IP, pretty damn sure they have the source code

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The story is too old to be commented.