How 'Back 4 Blood' Ignores Players' Demands With Its Tacked-On Single Player Mode

"Back 4 Blood" has come under fire recently for its underwhelming single player content. Here is everything wrong with the zombie game's solo mode.

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InUrFoxHole53d ago

This game is a laggy bug fest!

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KillBill52d ago

I am playing on my Series X and my son is playing on his Series S. Neither of us have had the issues that you are seeing on your multiplayer sessions. Don't know what to tell you? Daughters haven't started playing on their One X yet so can't tell you how it is doing on there yet.

TheHan52d ago

I haven’t ran into any issues yet on the Xbox besides my brother and I wasn’t getting proper invites when sending them.

paulust200252d ago

Both beta and release... start games everyone seems to disconnect, invisible store, invisible bosses. Not fun and done for pc and xbox.

jeromeface52d ago

never had any issues on pc after hours of play

FlavorLav0152d ago

I disagree. Besides the solo modes lack of unlocks(which I’m sure will be addressed), the game itself IS one long campaign, as were the original two L4D games. I personally dig it, and it’s a meaty campaign at that. Can’t finish it in one or even two sit downs. Small hiccups here and there, but nothing to detract from the amazing bones that exist in this IP. I’ll be gladly playing this over CoD and BF this fall and into next year.