Rare wishes everyone a fun-filled 2009

MundoRare writes: "No Holiday Season is complete without the traditional Rare Xmas Greeting, and this year isn't an exception! [...] The message from Rare coming along with this spiffy greeting card goes as follows: 'We wish everyone a very merry Xmas, a happy New Year and look forward to a fun-filled 2009 :)' "

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badkolo3690d ago

dear rare, i would have even a better holiday if you added more then 5 options for my avatar, thaaaaaaaaaanks.

Vortigaunt3690d ago

RARE, please give me my Killer Instinct 360 in 2009. Thanks.

- Vortigaunt

Rhoic3690d ago

Happy Holidays, Rare ^_^

green3690d ago

Happy Holidays RARE but pls can you give us a next gen Get Force Gemini in 09.Thanks

TheMART3690d ago

A fun filled 2009 with a :)

They will bring a large number of great games for the 360. Next gen Killer Instinct, Kameo 2, next gen Conker and more... Yes Rare, make that magic

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