NextGen Player: First Impressions of Playstation Home

NextGen Player writes:

"My first few experiences have been good and I have since made some new gaming friends which, let's be honest, is really what Sony was hoping to do. With all do respect to Sony, I don't think they could have screwed up the Playstation online platform much worse than they already had. Time will tell if this highly touted and much ballyhooed gamble pays off but I think they're going in the right direction. I for one and optimistic for the future of Home and will no doubt visit often."

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Ashton3602d ago

the best online service for people to meet and chat about games,etc..

or it could turn out damn boring.

One thing is for sure the number of friends in the friend list will increase every time you visit home.

paulhunter3602d ago

yeah, I was surprised at how easy it was to make friends on Home. Literally the first time I went in I found myself talking to multiple people, some of which added me to their PSN. I guess it works in that sense.

Saint Sony3602d ago

.. or finding groups to play with. I don't find much other good things in it. It's just 3D UI for grouping up.

gamesmaster3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"With all do respect to Sony, I don't think they could have screwed up the PlayStation online platform much worse than they already had"

that's a little harsh, i'm quite happy with the PlayStation online service, especially as its free. for a service you dont pay for its very robust. is xbox live really that much better now days?

no-spin3602d ago

The PSN is very good for gaming, but the XBL has a better structure for talking with friends (party, private chats, game channel, cross game chatting...). Other than that i find it very difficult to justify the price tag on XBL

3602d ago
Devilbringer3602d ago

I just want home to be released allready

y0haN3602d ago

PSN is down, ugh. PSN is so inconsistent.

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