Far Cry 6 Themed Deck now in UNO

Richard writes: "I bet the last thing you’re thinking when wandering round Yara in Far Cry 6 is how this would look as a UNO deck."

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badz14945d ago

wow, who wouldn't want a bunch of nobodies plastered all over their iconic card game?


CrimsonWing6945d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Man, I actually went into a game with this theme and it was ridiculous. You get money, you can call an ally to f*ck shit up, there’s some randomizer roulette radio thing that can give you more money or take it away. At some point I couldn’t recognize that we were playing Uno anymore.

BrockEmSockEm45d ago

Now give me a Reverse Uno Card weapon in Far Cry 6

Unknown_Gamer579445d ago

And I bet we still can't play Uno the way we would like, and are still limited to the currently available options. That's an update I'd actually like to see.