Borderlands 3 To Get Next-Generation Physical Copies

This is great for Next-Generation owners. Just in time for the holidays, pre-orders are now live on the 2K Store in select regions* for a limited run of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition on physical discs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Launching on November 12, 2021 for $40.

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Garethvk46d ago

I think it will be of interest to collectors.

MetroidFREAK2146d ago

I do enjoy physical PS5 games

Shuckylad46d ago

Next to nothing will be on the disk tho. It’s basically a key these days.

dumahim46d ago

Doesn't say, but they seem to be good about save transfers. Since this is the Ultimate Edition, I might pick this up too.
On the other hand, 2K store uses FedEx, I think.

dumahim45d ago

They use UPS, so crisis (and severe delivery problems) avoided.

Knightofelemia46d ago

I'd be down for it if they included it as a collection with Borderlands Pre-Sequel , 1 and 2 were also thrown together in the mix.

REDGUM46d ago

Without criticism, it'll be cheaper to purchase the ps4 version of the game and download a free ps5 upgrade than to purchase a new copy of it on ps5.

I have my ps4 copy on ebay for $5 and still no takers for it.

Seems like a strange move unless I'm missing something?

Ethereal46d ago

You're right on the money and the PS4 version is dirt cheap these days.

Although, the move here would be for collectors looking to snag a copy of a "limited run" assuming they are running a relatively small batch for those that preorder. Typically these limited runs skyrocket in value as they are sought after by collectors.

JEECE46d ago

It seems like this is specifically targeted at the "I want my shelf to look good" crowd.