New Star Wars Game collections bundle together fan favourites

THQ Nordic and Aspyr Media have announced new Star Wars game collections which are out soon on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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brando008717d ago

Nice, but I was really hoping to see news for a KOTOR port releasing on PS4. Dying to get trophies in my favourite game of all time XD

BlaqMagiq1717d ago

If it doesn't happen you do have the remake to look forward to.

Jiub716d ago

I'm so ready for that remake

Rebel_Scum716d ago

I thought it's not coming to PS4

coolbeans716d ago

Since all of those games are backwards compatible, it's probably an internal dilemma of whether the ports are worth it. Maybe there's even a company rule in place?

Germaximus716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

A new bundle that will probably charge full price for games you could have purchased over the past two decades for $2.50? So exciting!


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LG_Fox_Brazil40d ago

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, 5 players co-op missions in a Hitman style where you have to achieve your goal and has multiple options on how to approach it, stealth or guns blazing. I would buy it day one

Becuzisaid40d ago

The problem with that is whoever would get stuck with Omega would ruin any attempts at stealth since she just can't STFU

CrimsonWing6940d ago

Why not a sequel? Like, Y’know, having the original and then something brand new?

Becuzisaid40d ago

Make me an elite trooper of the 501st who hunts Jedi. That's it. No Jedi in the game except for your mission targets. No lightsabers like every other game. Just a good soldier following orders. No moral dilemma or switching sides after a mission or two, just pure carnage for the Empire. Then disposed of at the end of the game for the new storm troopers.


New Games with Gold for May 2023

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closed_account156d ago

I actually dig Hoa's Ghibli style art, I'd try it. Still... so little offered compared to the competition.

RpgSama155d ago

These offerings are pathetic. Tell it like it is, that's why Xbox keep getting crap month after month, all the apologizers.

darthv72156d ago

I haven't played Racer since the N64 / Dreamcast days. Is this a remaster of the N64 or the better DC or maybe PC version?

Petebloodyonion155d ago

It’s the remaster of the PC version
Still has enjoyable as it was back then :)

CobraKai155d ago

I remember loving Phantom Menace so much that I needed this game on N64. It was so fun. I don’t think I ever chose another pod other than Anakin’s

crazyCoconuts156d ago

Your average Xbox live gold subscriber is paying $100/year for this service.... Incredible

DankSinatra156d ago

What? Last I checked it was 60 bucks a year. But Xbox has clocked out from their gold subscription being the place to get anything since gamepass is where they’re trying to draw the attention to.

crazyCoconuts156d ago

Not if you are just doing a recurring subscription. There's only one month for $10 and three months for $25. So if you're a new customer and you want to do it for $60/year you got to buy codes and plug them in

CobraKai155d ago

Omg you’re right. I went to their website and Gold is $9.99 a month. That’s insane. I never thought Gold was worth it, cuz the Xbox isn’t my primary console, but last time I had it, it was $60.

This is obviously to get people to get Game Pass which looks more enticing in that regard

roadkillers156d ago

I'm paying 60.33 a year for Gamepass ultimate which includes this. Still would prefer PS+. Wishful hopes, but I'd like to just get a PS5 and have gamepass app option.

crazyCoconuts156d ago

That's the thing.... Average user using list price for this thing is $100/year. Of course there are alternative methods to get subs, like buying cards/codes, CDkeys, stacking subs via the loophole, MS points for using Bing, etc. But your average parent paying for his kid's subscription doesn't have time for all that crap

Deathdeliverer156d ago

Why not just delete it at this point. Give out free movie downloads a month or something. Movies with gold. This is ridiculous.

crazyCoconuts156d ago

Wait, like what kinda moviesxxxxx? You could be onto something here! 😊