New Star Wars Game collections bundle together fan favourites

THQ Nordic and Aspyr Media have announced new Star Wars game collections which are out soon on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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brando00814d ago

Nice, but I was really hoping to see news for a KOTOR port releasing on PS4. Dying to get trophies in my favourite game of all time XD

BlaqMagiq114d ago

If it doesn't happen you do have the remake to look forward to.

Jiub13d ago

I'm so ready for that remake

Rebel_Scum14d ago

I thought it's not coming to PS4

DarthMarvin14d ago

I really wish they'd add Achievements to the Steam version. It's ridiculous that they haven't yet.

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coolbeans14d ago

Since all of those games are backwards compatible, it's probably an internal dilemma of whether the ports are worth it. Maybe there's even a company rule in place?

Germaximus14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

A new bundle that will probably charge full price for games you could have purchased over the past two decades for $2.50? So exciting!