HITMAN GOTY Slip Up is Another Embarrassing Learning Experience for CD Projekt

Erickson: Look, I can understand removing reviews that gave the game a score of 1 and not giving reasons as to why. But plenty of the scores DO express their disapproval of the online requirements. GOG did later clarify their statement, but the damage was already done.

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porkChop14d ago

It isn't. Idk why the author worded it that way. "Late last September" implies September 2020, but he meant September 2021. This happened just a few weeks ago.

OptimusDK14d ago

I dont get this at all. This has nothing to do with CD project red.

Yui_Suzumiya14d ago

GOG is a subsidiary of CD Projekt

PrinceAli14d ago

If you dont know what you're talking about just say that instead of looking dumb! loool

enkiduxiv14d ago

I believe Projekt Red is now distinct from the Cd projekt that runs GoG though.

got_dam14d ago

They should have had a warning on the store page, but that is as far as cd project's accountability goes. They sold the game itself drm free, as they do. They have no control over the other shit. That is on IO interactive. But again, they should have had a warning on the store page.

TheRealTedCruz14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

GoG isn't in the wrong here.
The game, itself, is DRM free.

It's the dev/publisher tying mechanics behind an online model.

How deeply do you want GoG to vet their titles? Is it their job to know the ins and outs of every title that comes through? Do they need to do monthly check ups on every game they allow on the service to see if their model changed?

I mean, they already go above and beyond every other storefront when it comes to what they allow on the store. Now we're holding them accountable for elements had on the developer's end?

eddvdm14d ago

Agree 100% - what's next, if they have one item inside let's say "Level 13", that gives a boost to XP or something P2W like that (yes, looking at you Ubi), but only reclaimable through their online account - GOG will need to search for EVERY SINGLE POSSIBILITY inside the whole game?

staticall14d ago

Yes, i agree with you. I read the original thread for 30 or something pages and not once i saw GOG official claiming that they delete just negative reviews (and saw zero proof that CD Project RED was doing that, just claims). But most of the articles or YouTube video were claiming that not only CD Projekt RED were removing reviews, refusing refunds and so on without any proofs, just «i saw people mention that» (if there were any proofs, i would love to see them).

I think, GOG should've had an info banner on Hitman's store page, saying that game might have online restrictions or something to that extent. Because you're right, today game might be fully accessible offline but tomorrow some developer or publisher decides (without alerting anyone) that game will require online connection for anything (or implement some sort of DRM), do GOG must daily check every game to see if someone done something shady and pull game from the store right away? I don't think they have the manpower to do that. And i don't think you can build a system that will check for that automatically.

And i know this is an unpopular opinion, but i think people should demand IO Interactive to remove their online DRM or restrictions, whatever you call that, from content that should not require it. Like, online-only content (like leaderboards, multiplayer/coop) - i get why that requires online connection. But any unlocks should NEVER require online connection or online profile or anything other online-related (especially in Hitman case, it's a singleplayer game that requires online connection to fully enjoy it and people are completely fine with that as far as i saw).

Christopher14d ago

Comments like this is where I kind of wish the default sorting of comments was by upvotes. This covers it all.

DarthMarvin14d ago

- Is it their job to know the ins and outs of every title that comes through?

Yes? All stores should always know the ins and outs of their products.

TheRealTedCruz13d ago

Show me a storefront that holds to such standards.

DarthMarvin13d ago

I'm not 100% certain since I don't own any of them, but hopefully supermarkets, clothing stores, car dealerships, hardware stores, and, like I already said, all other stores.

TheRealTedCruz13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

That's the thing, that's never how it works on digital storefronts. GoG literally does more than any other digital storefront, and they still make a hit piece on them, despite being the best in the industry.
It's pretty BS to attack a storefront that is more fair and open than literally every other, when the random odd title pops up that chooses they want an online element. The site doesn't use DRM.

The game is using DRM.

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potedude14d ago

I'd never heard of GOG. Anyone use them to buy games? Any good?

TheRealTedCruz14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It's a good storefront. They rework older titles to work with newer operating systems, and have a generous return policy.
Obviously they host new titles, but they got big by supporting older games.

It's the same company behind the Witcher series. Also, unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077. Though that's the only blunder under their belt since the company started, really.

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