A Futurelooks Guide to Avatar Games on the Xbox 360

When Microsoft pushed out the New Xbox Experience (NXE) for the Xbox 360, one of the major changes was the introduction of the Xbox Live Avatars. These are meant to be your digital representations within the video game world, taking on your likeness as you see fit. In addition to adjusting hairstyles and altering wardrobes, it is also possible to use your Avatar within certain Xbox Live games.

As can be expected, the integration of Xbox Live Avatars into games will take some time, but already a handful of titles boast this kind of functionality. We had the chance to take a look at three such currently available Xbox Live Arcade games. All of these titles have varying levels of Avatar integration. Looking for a Wii Sports-like experience on the Xbox 360? The New Xbox Experience might be even better.

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DarkSniper3598d ago

These avatar features on the New Xbox Experience is nothing more than a waste of Dark Sniper's time? Their whole idea of reinventing Xbox 360 has plummeted in many aspects. It's an unoriginal, bland and tacked on idea that Microsoft has created in order to keep up with the light speed technology of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Sorry Slavebots, Dark Sniper has found himself a "home" on PLAYSTATION®3. This is some garbage you can keep to yourselves.