Hell Let Loose developer was “blown away” by PS5 DualSense features

Since its launch into the PS Plus October 2021 line-up last week, praise has been given to Hell Let Loose for its PS5 DualSense haptic feedback. However, it turns out that the game’s main developer, Black Matter, didn’t even work on it, leaving the team surprised when its development partner, Flix, showed them what it had been working on.

In fact, the first time that Black Matter’s CEO, Max Rea, experienced the new-gen feature was during the recent testing phase. “I experienced it [haptic feedback] only recently in the closed testing and it’s absolutely phenomenal,” Rea tells The Loadout. Apparently, he had told the team at Flix, which has worked on a number of other third-party titles, like Sea of Thieves and Zombie Army 4, that it could be “as creative” as it wanted with the DualSense controller and that he was “blown away” by the result.

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SullysCigar6d ago

DualSense is one of the highlights of the generation so far, for me. It makes a worthwhile difference to the experience and the feedback players get from the game.

Devs seem to be having a lot of fun with it too, getting creative, and the results just keep improving. Now and then we get a big leap forward, like in Ratchet and Returnal.

CaptainHenry9165d ago

I like to use the dualsense controller on PC because of the features. It's starting to be my primary controller on Steam when I don't feel like using the mouse and keyboard

TheRealTedCruz4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I switch between it and the Steam controller. Both have their benefits.
I like that more and more devs are taking advantage of the dualsense controller's offerings.

It wasn't long ago that people here were telling me that it was only PS5 that could make use of them, for some reason.

just_looken5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

As a man i always have my vibration turned off sense 1995 because i do not need a vibrating tool to stimulate me.

This stuff has always been a gimick unless your a woman

iamrperry5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I really hope this is parody because I definitely laughed

LucasRuinedChildhood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

lol. Even if we take your comment seriously, the feedback is not just about vibration,. There's adaptive triggers as well.

"The Dualsense is an incredible vibrator, but nothing more." - just_looken

S2Killinit5d ago

If you think vibrator when you think of a controller with feedback, then maybe you need to do some soul searching.

roadkillers4d ago

DualSense is awesome, I'd vote for the SSD speeds being my highlight.

gamer78044d ago

The rumble is really good but the triggers ruin for me, it feels like gum is stuck in them and detracts from the experience, I’d rather nothing or prefer the rumble feedback in the Xbox controllers.

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Destiny10806d ago

its phenomenal in this game, crazy how the developer only experienced it, at the same time as PS5 players

Welshy5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It's the best I've seen it implemented since Astro's Playroom and Demon's Souls.

When a vehicle pulls up you get directional rumble, almost like surround sound in your hands, it sounds cheesy and PR-like but you really can "feel" your environment around you.

It drains the battery faster than I'd like, but the haptics are a definite highlight of the PS5 so far.

Nitrox5d ago

“Surround sound in your hands” - YES!

Spot on description of the feeling. It really is a full evolution of the vibration feature. Does the same thing for rumble that HDTV did for video. Sure, what came before was usable, but it kicks it up a notch and wouldn’t really be as enjoyable to go back to the old way.

Orchard5d ago

So far I’ve been a little disappointed by how poorly most titles are utilizing the DualSense.

The tech itself is great but no game even comes remotely close to Astros playroom so far - and some games are really lacking in that department - like DS and BF2042 beta.

We’ll likely see it show up best in Sony exclusives until MS gets on board with similar haptics and triggers etc.

ColtPSSX5d ago

I think ratchet and clank does pretty good and so does death loop.

Darkborn5d ago

Returnal and demons souls also did great with it.

SullysCigar5d ago

Yep, there's plenty of great implementation, but you know how certain folk like to downplay and act 'concerned' lol

Orchard5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@SullysCigar I expressed disappointment with 3rd party devs, and frustration with MS holding it back. Where in my comment did I express concern or downplay something?

And frankly, even if I was concerned about something on PS5, as a PS5 gamer I am allowed to be concerned about any part of the box I want to be, I don't have to pretend something is perfect - nothing is perfect.

@ColtPSSX I agree there are some decent implementations, it's just nothing ever gets as close to the wow factor or experience I had when I first unboxed the console and played Astros. Granted, Astros is effectively a game designed around the controller where as most games do not fall into that category.

But MS stepping up and adopting similar tech would help make it mainstream / force developers to support it properly. Developers a lot of the time avoid doing 'platform specific' work in the interest of time.

ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I get what your saying but like you said, Astro’s whole purpose was to show off dual sense. It’s like a tech demo for dual sense, so to compare it to games where they implemented dual sense to support and enhance their game and not the main focus is kind of unfair.

And honestly I doubt MS will implement their own dual sense anytime soon or at all.

I mean it took them a whole generation to implement a share button.

Plus PS5 hasn’t been out for more then a year and there is already good examples of dual sense and more devs is starting to see how great it is and getting hyped.
So I expect to see more dual sense support next year.

Orchard5d ago

@ColtPSSX I agree. I'd just like to see 3rd parties do more - and I think they will in the future. And if we do see MS release haptics anytime soon, it wouldn't surprise me if it's locked behind buying an Elite Series 3 and not part of the standard controller.

They'd still have to deal with the problem that they've sold millions of consoles without the haptic-enabled controller too, even if it did come to the 'base' controller.

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GamingSinceForever5d ago

Orchard is getting slammed for simply saying that no game to date has used the DualSense haptics as well as Astro’s Playroom, which is actually a fact.

Yes other games have done good with them but not to the level of Astro.

Sometimes y’all need to relax.

Darkborn5d ago

Idk, I think returnal is the closest to it. It actually had a feature that astros playroom did not have which is the triggers being used halfway for secondary firing effects.

Ron_Danger5d ago

He’s “getting slammed” because he’s a concern troll. He’s better than most at it too because just looking at his comment history isn’t enough, you have to see his comments in context to the articles. Also, users who bring this up tend to have their comments banned within 10 minutes of posting…

Cockney5d ago

I wouldn't say a few disagrees is being slammed, I don't agree either doesn't mean I'm slamming his view. You seem very easily triggered, will you be flagging this comment as inappropriate?

Orchard5d ago

@Darkborn Returnal is a 1st party title though. My comment was more so aimed at 3rd parties.

@Ron_Danger Concern troll? Where in my comment did I express concern?

If I've ever expressed concern, it was genuine - I am lucky enough to be a PS5 owner (especially given how many haven't been able to get one), I always want things to improve on the platform.

Users get banned for disagreeing with me? I am not a moderator or any type of staff on this website, nor do I have the ability to ban anyone. If they got banned, presumably they were violating a rule on the website - "Don't disagree with Orchard" is not a rule on N4G.

By that logic, why aren't you banned? Haven't you disagreed with me in the past?

GamingSinceForever5d ago

@Cockney Did I reply in all caps, use profanity, name call or mention anyone by name?

So how did you gather me being triggered? What is obvious is that his comments or trolling like others have stated causes some to lose sleep.

This is the internet and I give zero fuggs about this stuff. I simply stated the man stated a fact.

Atticus_finch5d ago

Poor orchard. Good thing you're here to defend against those hurtful thumps down.

Chevalier5d ago

That's because Orchard is a pretender with his fake trolling with the pretense of being concerned. Just look at his comments about Playstation developers and his pretentious garbage comments. Apparently he's a developer, but, goes around trying to tear down other developers that he's never worked with so yeah. 🤷

Returnal Haptics are pretty amazing. Deathloop, Demon Souls as well.

gamer78044d ago

Agreed people have different opinions, as for me I really don’t like the trigger pushback feels terrible to me and a step in the wrong direction. I turn it off after trying it in every game. I actually prefer the rumble feedback in the Xbox controllers gives you a sensation without being annoying.

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Good-Smurf5d ago

But FH5 will still be the best game ever not just for racing games but in any genre as well right?

Orchard5d ago

I highly doubt FH5 will be the 'best game ever' - there are far better games, like the original MGS, SH2 etc.

Atticus_finch5d ago

You haven't played enough games and It is still the beginning of the gen. Some consoles don't even have a single exclusive.

Orchard5d ago

I've played most of the native & upgraded games available on PS5 today.

And I know it's the beginning of the gen, as I said above, it'll likely get better as the gen goes on.

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northpaws5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Ya, it is amazing, I feel sad that some people (some personal friends, not trying to start a console war) that I know would just assume it is gimmick and then turn it off right away without trying it more.

Darkborn5d ago

I've seen people say on Twitter it's the exact same vibration as the Xbox controller and they said the Xbox controller did it better with thousands of likes lol.

andy855d ago

And those thousands of likes are from Xbox players who have never used it 😂 coming from someone with both it's not remotely the same

ColtPSSX5d ago

Honestly I love my Xbox but dual sense really does it for me. If it’s not on game pass and it has dual sense support I’m 100% going with the PS5 version.

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