"Hell Let Loose" has just dropped its brand-new content update (update 14) for PC and consoles

"The Wakefield-based (the UK) indie games publisher and developer Team 17 and Sydney-based (New South Wales´, Australia) indie games developer Black Matter Pty Ltd, today announced with great thrill and joy that they have just released a brand-new content update (update 14) for their acclaimed World War II shooter "Hell Let Loose" (the said new content update is available right now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S))." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Hell Let Loose - Devotion to Duty Update Announcement | PC Gaming Show 2023

Announced during the PC Gaming Show 2023, historical multiplayer FPS Hell Let Loose shares the Objective mode in its Devotion to Duty update.


Hell Let Loose Upcoming Update 13 Burning Snow Out Dec. 6, Features New Map, Weapons, and More

"It's time for another Hell Let Loose update from the trenches! After the rollout of the first two U13 PTEs, with players having their first hands-on experience with most of the U13 content, we have a LOT to highlight here today, including; the U13 release date, a new full time Community Manager, animation optimisation, Steam free weekend, and the new premium DLC bundle that will be rolling out alongside U13.

Hell Let Loose Update 13 ‘Burning Snow’ Release date is Tuesday, December 6th!

Time is almost upon us, as many have noticed over the last few months we have been highlighting and in some cases sneak peeking into the upcoming Burning Snow update for Hell Let Loose."

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bestofyou302d ago

I grew to hate this game. I know it's all for that realisim and everything but honestly running in a field for over 5 minutes to get to the battle only to get sniped by someone you never saw. Then repeating it over and over no matter how much you try to hid and avoid the front lines. Is a real turnoff. Then jumping in water that drowns you in 7 seconds, I'm sorry a baby can hold it's breath for longer than that.

Then having to pick a class you don't want because someone else is already playing that role.

I just hate this game and I spent about a day playing it trying to like it.

REDGUM302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

I'd have to agree with you. Fantastic looking game but the time it takes to get to the battle only to be shot just before you and even aim down ya sights was off putting for me.
Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game at all and I'll admit I'm crap at it but it became a bore fest for me within a short hour or so.
Again, not picking on the game itself, it's just not for me.

bestofyou301d ago

The game was cool looking and had that really sick atmosphere, but to me it was just a running sim until you die. I had one good game with a random squad and everyone with headsets. The main guy was like listen to me and we are going to win this, sure as hell we did. That was fun but never happened again.

Brownie1990299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I've got hundreds of hours on the game, and I can assure you if you role with a squad (or many squads) in a clan who are all speaking it's a completely different atmosphere. Sounds like you and original poster didn't have an effective squad leader putting down OP's and Garrisons for you to spawn at. You shouldn't ever be 5 minutes away from the action unless building up defences at a rear objective.

The clan is very active and also welcoming. if you ever feel like giving HLL another go with a squad of 6 people chatting, having a laugh and rolling teams, message me.

spoonard302d ago

I never understood the pull of historical FPS games.


Here's the Humble Choice November 2022 lineup

The Humble Choice November 2022 lineup is here with games like Hell Let Loose and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

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