Japanese Store Update: Dec 11th 2008

Here's this week's Japanese Store content: Firstly, Siren: New Translation has got a price cut, down to ¥4500 for the full game with the first four episodes just ¥1500 for the bundle (the others are ¥400 each). On the PS1 front, look out for The Silver Case, Saga Frontier 2, Bushido Blade 2, Puzzle Bobble 3DX and the original Dead or Alive, all ¥600.

PSP owners can pick up the full version of Echochrome and Ape Escape: Saru Saru Master Moves, both for ¥2200 each. Back to the PS3, there's a Santa outfit for your Sackboy, which might make it over here for the European update later today. Elsewhere, there's a couple of videos and new themes and wallpapers for both Cross Edge (at ¥200 each) and LocoRoco2.

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riksweeney3601d ago

Where the hell is Resident Evil 5?!!!!

CaptainHowdy3601d ago

how do u get time exclusivity for a DEMO!!!?????

Lombax3601d ago

Will M$ let my PS3 games go?

InMyOpinion3601d ago

I'd get Bushido Blade 2 in an instant if I owned a PS3.

dragonyght3600d ago

ps3 owner in japan will only RE5 demo disc no digital