Ranking the Dead Space Games From Worst to Best

Though it's not the biggest series ever, ranking the Dead Space games is one of the hardest two-horse races to call.

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SCW198255d ago

From Best to Worst

robtion55d ago

Yep. 1 is easily the best. Played it many times and excited to play the remake.

Knightofelemia55d ago

I have never played Ignition DS1 and DS2 are my favorite titles DS3 is a different game of its own but I did enjoy it not as much as DS1 and DS2. DS Extraction I went out of my way to grab for the Wii I played it and I liked it. If I had to go my favorites. DS1, DS2, DS Extraction, DS3 as my best to worst list.

Profchaos55d ago


This list just writs itself but if you include non mainline there was the suprisingly decent mobile game and Wii Game that are still both better than 3

mch2011uk55d ago

That was easy and obvious if you've played them.

ArchangelMike55d ago

You all forgot Dead Space Extraction.

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