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Hell Let Loose is an intoxicating experience for those who welcome a battlefield where death has consequences, and communication is key to survival.

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bestofyou47d ago

I'm sorry I played this game all day yesterday. Had fun at times but the game has too many issues. First of all DROWNING in 6 seconds? WTF? Who drowns in 6 seconds? Infants can hold their breath longer. I can run miles non-stop in the game and not need to catch my breath but I fall into a creek and have just 6 seconds to slowly walk out.

Lack of ground vehicles, hell a bicycle would be better than running miles to die in 5 seconds.

The Aiming, is so wonky and you can tell it was better suited for PC players with Mouse and Keyboard.

The classes, why does my Anti-tank class not have AT Mines? why does the engineer have them?
Why can't I play Sniper? I want a long range weapon with a scope since running in even with a squad gets me killed because some sniper is getting better shots.

Team Kills, I can't tell you how many times I was killed by a teammate that either did it on purpose or just random grenade or rocket fire.

Map markers, where the hell am I going? Spawn in and no clue what the objective is. Can barely see my teammates on the map to see where they spawned.

Punishments, I cook a grenade and start to throw it but I get shot by someone and get downed. Then my grenade goes off and kills me. I get punished for killing myself. WTF?

Also DROWNING in 6 seconds! WTF?!