Obsidian rejected an acquisition offer prior to Microsoft buyout

"They have to be people you can sit down and have a beer with".

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GamingSinceForever1012d ago

Or cut us a check that we couldn’t refuse.

Notellin1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Your uneducated way of thinking would have to assume both offers were at the same time and he just chose the most money.

These events likely happened months to years apart. He didn't like the deal and he made the right choice judging from what was offered.

GamingSinceForever1012d ago

Uhh the article clearly indicated that the acquisition request was some time before they went with Microsoft so not sure where you are getting that I thought it was happening simultaneously.

My response was to his comment about making a deal with someone that you could have a beer with.

So I think that makes you the uneducated 🤡.

Angyobangyo1012d ago

"Your uneducated way of thinking" Stopped reading right there. Calling some stupid for stating the obvious. MS made them an offer they could not refuse.

lelo2play1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

I'm sure the studios acquired by Sony and Nintendo are all about love... and not about money.

Christopher1012d ago

Not sure where he said they weren't. It's business. It's all about profits in the end.

TheDoomedGuy1012d ago

I guarantee you that partnerships that show a record of great work being done together is equivalent to money in these talks. There's a big difference with say offering simply tons of money and resources...and offering money, resources along with a track record of great projects that both have worked in together.

VenomUK1012d ago

@lelo2play. Not everything is a console war discussion! What this Obsidian exec is saying is that Microsoft wanted to buy the team and keep it intact, not, like the unnamed published wanted to do which is break it up so it could acquire the staff for pre-existing projects. So yes money is important but it isn't everything, so that's why he sold to Microsoft because it would retain his team and its culture. Sony has bought studios recently too, including Insomniac, Housemarque and Bluepoint specifically because it too wants to keep them as distinct teams.

dbcoops1012d ago

Sony bought Insomniac for a song considering just how good of a developer they are so yeah I guess love must have a lot to do with it.

MadLad1011d ago


Insomniac always stated they wished to stay independent so they can make whatever they want.
Then Spiderman happens, and they're a Sony studio soon after.

Nothing to do with money. Sure.

VenomUK1011d ago

@TheRealTedCruz I can't say if Insomniac was forced to work on Marvel's Spider-Man or if the studio had the option to decline the project. But I would think that as a development team there is something so alluring, so exciting, about being able to work on one of the biggest, best loved comic book franchises ever and facing the challenge of putting your own spin on it and making a great product that the public might love... or hate! The game turned out alright! It received much praise from critics and became the best selling first party game on PS4. I would think that the individuals who worked on it feel a lot of pride from helping craft this.

dbcoops1011d ago


I never said it didn't have to do with money I said they got Insomniac for a great deal cause they did. Sure it had to do with money just like it did with MS buying Obsidian.

Someone you can sit and have a beer with. Sure.

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343_Guilty_Spark1012d ago

That doesn't sound like that's what Obsidian said.

OptimusDK1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Whats is your number? like money
What do they want to do with it - the aquasition?
Whats the cultural fit? - do you want to have a beer with them.

Yeahh you just had to reduce it so sole money. Even though it is part it is not all. But I guess it hurt some people that developers actually like MS aproach to these aquisitions and have Minecraft to show for it.

esherwood1012d ago

English your second language?

rlow11012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Sure when does money not play a role in any buyout? But in the article, he turned down money because it wasn't a right fit. So obviously their was more going on with MS than just money. I would imagine, working on games they want to make, keeping there own culture, making their own decisions, and staying put were also major factors.

jznrpg1012d ago

Yeah like GoTY studios and making the best games in the world right? Oh wait . It was money .

dbcoops1012d ago

100% that was the reason, this beer thing is a bunch of bull butter,

DJStotty1011d ago

The beer statement is a figure of speech, in other words, it has got to be someone you can work with and get along in a business and also friendly mindset.

Pretty sure he doesn't mean he wanted to sell to someone to go to the pub lol.

dbcoops1011d ago


No he wanted to sell to whoever sent him to the bank with the biggest bag of cash. lol

blacktiger1012d ago

that's what he said, it's all about the math, what make sense

ScootaKuH1011d ago

That's probably closer to the truth

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IanTH1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Hope they got a good sense of a lot of people they would like having beers with, then, given that big corporations always have fairly cyclical turnover. Phil seems like a guy you could grab a beer with, but he could be replaced at any moment by a Peter Moore or Bobby Kotik type who don't seem much like they'd as easily fit that description. Not uncommon for figureheads to change and cultures to shift from when initial acquisitions happen and sort of getting the rug pulled out from under you.

You kind of hope someone takes that kind of offer if they are struggling financially - either in terms of doors potentially closing, or simply just not having enough to achieve the vision you have for projects. I certainly don't blame anyone for taking offers they otherwise wouldn't when the money is just too good. Sort of feels like that happened this time, but I can only call it as I see it as an outsider. Regardless, hope it works out for everybody in the long run.

Zeref1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

I think they're probably already grooming the next head of Xbox and I think it's gonna Sarah Bond

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FlavorLav011012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

They need to. Phil sucks. It must be exhausting hyping non-stop “best ever e3’s” every damn year without anything substantial to actually show for it. Microsoft stopped pushing the medium forward outside of Forza a long time ago. Now it’s just the best place to play top downs and sports titles. Lol. I’d love one good AAA narrative experience, just ONE. Finally another Halo campaign coming out that sounds promising. Without that this Christmas, my SeriesX would make a better book-end or space heater.

HardKnockKid241012d ago

@flavorlav01 maybe we can join a game. What’s your gamertag?

NeoGamer2321012d ago

Definitely you are not wrong.

But, in the video they actually talk about why they refused the previous offer and they accepted the MS one. And it sounds like the reason they refused the first one, was that the publisher was just looking for them as people to work on the publisher projects, whereas MS is letting them work on the Obsidian projects. Seems like MS just relieved financial burdens from them so that they can be the type of studio they are. In Obsidians case a RPG studio. This has been a theme that we have heard on all the MS takeovers since Mojang.