Battlefield 2042 Is Missing Features From Past Games

Battlefield 2042 is missing features. Especially excellent gameplay mechanics from Battlefield V

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ArchangelMike58d ago

Yeah unfortunately 2042 is a travesty of what Battlefield shoud be. DICE desperately need to stop chasing after the COD fanbse and just lean into their own fanbase. I've never seen a developer who consistently ignores it's core fabase in pursuit of those who won't even put the time into the game. It's as though DICE got a whole load of COD and Apex legends payers and asked them what they would like in a Battlefield game; and then they never bothered to ask the actual Battlfield players what they would want to see in a Battelfield game. Either that or DICE are just completely tone deaf.

I mean did nobody on the entire production and develpemnt team have the courgae to say that removing classes was not just a bad idea, but was fundamentally contrary to the whole point of what makes battlefied unique. Did nobody on the entire dev team play the game and realise that by removing classes team work broke down completely?

Unles ofcourse, this was the point. To become more like COD and Apex legends and move away from being Battlefield. Well if that's the case, then they can count me out.

annoyedgamer57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It also has no classes which breaks down the balance.

EA (owns Dice) wants that F2P money and has 0 problem cannibalizing its franchises to get it.

Luckily for EA, most of the hardcore BF fans will still buy the game then drop it later. Similar to F2P, masses of sales then sharp drop in player count, and on to consoom the next release.

SixFrvgz57d ago

Hardcore Battlefield fan here - not buying Battlefield for the second time in a row. BFV was the one that broke my streak of buying Battlefield games on launch day since BFBC2.

Might consider buying it a year or so after release... considering it's been tended to and supported properly.

DarthMarvin57d ago

BF3 broke my streak. I couldn't understand for the life of me why they would choose to release a game that was objectively inferior to its predecessors. I played it for about ten hours, then went back to BC2.

AnotherGamer57d ago

Yeah, where's the hell is the dedicated communication wheel button? I'm quite shocked they got rid of that like wtf.

giveyerheadawobble57d ago

Spiderman ropes, hero characters that constantly chat shit when you don't want them and are indistinguishable across all factions, a mad UI that hurts your eyeballs. Garish neon shit on your screen for no reason and also hurts your eyeballs. Lack of distinct classes. Music blaring from vehicles that isn't even thematic and is just weird. What else? Bugs. Lots of bugs. And I'm sure the cosmetic microtransactions will be rife.

Games really have fallen off a cliff these days. But sure, gotta keep the Fortnite kids happy.

TheHan57d ago

I know it may be hard for others to believe but that’s why theirs a “settings” menu in the Ui in every game. Yet it’s also a beta 🙄

EazyC57d ago

The music thing in the cars is to sell new radio stations/tracks as microtransactions.

SixFrvgz57d ago

It's not just missing features - 2042 is simply missing the essence of what makes Battlefield games, Battlefield.

Part of that Battlefield essence is fun and entertainment - I sat there playing 2042 yawning - I kid you not, I almost fell asleep.

Just a boring time overall. Shame, I was really hoping for this game to get me off of Rainbow Six. Looks like I'll just have to endure the bullshit in Rainbow Six longer for my FPS fix... I don't have a choice now.

Maybe Insurgency Sandstorm. I'll find something. Shame.

EazyC57d ago

Insurgency Sandstorm is awesome, I bought it last week after cancelling my 2042 pre-order.

However it's effectively in a different genre entirely to Battlefield. Slow, methodical tactical FPS that demands communication. It's already given me straight-up heart attack moments!

SixFrvgz56d ago

I am seriously considering buying Sandstorm - it's just my main concern is playerbase and longevity. I know what a gem Insurgency is, I just hope it lasts and doesn't fall under the radar because of these bigger franchise releases (i.e. BF and COD). Lord knows a game like Insurgency deserves so much more love and recognition than BF and COD!

How would you say that matchmaking is? Any ideas into playerbase? Are matches full lobby? I'd appreciate any insight!

yeahokwhatever56d ago

PUBG, but only on PC. THAT game has intense moments. my favorite shooter since BF1942. But on console its absolute garbage.

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