Microsoft Kinect Is Back From the Dead, Again

Microsoft's doomed social gaming accessory has been resurrected on a smart TV.

Like a spooky ghost rising up from the grave on All Hallows’ Eve, Microsoft’s Kinect accessory is back from the dead—again. Comcast-owned European pay TV company Sky rolled out an accessory to be paired with its new Glass TVs on Thursday that looks suspiciously like the doomed spatial camera Microsoft has been trying to foist on Xbox users for years.

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rlow149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It was ahead of its time. Now look at all the listening and cameras devices people install in their homes these days.

Godmars29049d ago

If only MS had better set up base support, had games and apps that worked day one rather than need to be tuned over months and years, they could be violating basic moral principals in favor of empty profits right along with everyone else.


EvertonFC49d ago

Playstation eye was used as a in house security camera etc long before kinect lol.

Rude-ro48d ago

Kinect was being developed for marketing practices. The games were just the enticing candy.. Ie why they were cheaply developed shovel ware games.
The crazy things they were going to do and the amount of money thrown in for r&d towards consumer manipulation was unbelievable.

specialguest49d ago

It was ahead of its time.... for ghost hunting

PrinceAli48d ago

lool... no... no it wasn't

KingofBandits48d ago

It was poorly made over hyped junk, don't sugar coat it.

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Dario_DC49d ago

Would like to have it available for the Series X, never had the previous generations to try it. Could be fun on party night.

SullysCigar49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It was cool tech at the time, just not for games. For some of the games it barely worked, and that sucked the fun out of it.

EvertonFC49d ago

Tried it at the mall and although lighting at retailers can be off putting for these devices I'd seen enough lag to make my mind up and that was a big NO NO

darthv7249d ago

Kinect was a cool accessory when it worked. Problem was not many were interested in tapping into its real potential. Some games were fun with it while others not so much.

yeahokwhatever49d ago

it HAD no potential. hardware couldnt live up to the hype, not potential.

darthv7247d ago

Gunstringer, fruit ninja, harry potter to name a few

Knightofelemia49d ago

I remember an article on here the modding community was doing some cool shit with the kinect I remember one article a guy was using it for puppets. If Microsoft could have utilized it better it could be used as a second option for allowing disabled people to enjoy video games.

13sentinel49d ago

What's with these dumb annoying pop up ads on EVERY n4g article. Jesus.

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The story is too old to be commented.