Halo Infinite leaks reveal new Forge mode with full scripting system

New leak showing full scripting will be available in forge mode creating bigger, better, new possibilities.

Fishy Fingers717d ago

I guess that's where the "Infinite" comes in... 'Modding' community will have field day with this (and they should all be available on the console too).

phoenixwing716d ago

If they release it on steam I'll buy it outright

ChubbyBlade716d ago

It is releasing on steam. The Flight tests are all on steam.

phoenixwing716d ago

I'll buy it then. Rather use steam than get it free/rented off of gamepass

chiefJohn117716d ago

This game bout to be off the chain! I see why forge won't be there at launch


Halo Infinite: August Update Preview

Unyshek writes: "Since its release, Season 4: Infection has been winning over hearts and Iratus has been taking over minds. Although the reception of Season 4 has been great, there’s still plenty to do and we haven’t slowed down or lost sight of that fact. To help illustrate that point, let’s take a look at some of the additions, improvements, and bug fixes landing next Wednesday, August 9, with the upcoming August Update!"

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Halo Infinite Is So Back, Baby

Halo Infinite’s Squad Battle playlist—which features fan-favorite map, Valhalla—makes it finally feel like a franchise peak

4Sh0w51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

"But maybe, just maybe, Halo Infinite has always been this good. It just needed a familiar conduit, a recognizable face, to remind you of that."

-Personally I really liked the campaign, traversing the open world was a breath of fresh air & alot fun for me, but yes I completely understand the launch multiplayer content criticisms. Now since then they've added a ton of really great multi content, -maps, modes, weapons & forge, smooth Halo-style combat gunplay -Infinite is currently very underrated imo very satisfying but Im biased I love Halo.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

I found the campaign to be really lacking, but the open world was good. That fun halo combat is really what saved it from disaster

Sonic188151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The Halo campaign has been lacking for years. Halo 5 had the worst campaign of them all imo

InUrFoxHole51d ago

The only dislike for me was lack of content

TheEroica51d ago

Good for Halo! Been a bit of a rough ride on infinite. Seems like people are happy. Well, except the insecure downvote people.

Profchaos51d ago

I really disliked the open world it felt empty and pointless to me it was filler that seperated point a and point b. Some of my favourite levels in the halo franchise have involved traversing levels in warthogs but to spend 90% of this game doing that it became really stale.

If there was more interesting landmarks side missions and some scenery changes it might have been a good idea but what we got was emptier that an early 5th gen open world sandbox.

On the flipside however once we got into a interior it felt like halo again structured a d fun but once we were outside it was a snoozefest

oIMyersIo51d ago

35 people who haven't played the game disagree 😂

shinoff218351d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Eh it happens. I get disagrees as well probably from that person also when not saying anything that makes sense to disagree with. I personally just never liked halo. When I had the og Xbox back in the day, halo wasn't in the rotation at all.

oIMyersIo51d ago


Absolutely, people like to nust disagree for the sake of it without adding to the discussion.

Halo 1&2 were amazing but on the OG xbox the game I played most was Republic Commando. 😂

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yarbie100051d ago (Edited 51d ago )

No, it’s not. Nice copium ya got there tho

Lightning7751d ago

No it's not? According to.... Who? What he said was all truth and facts.

Nvm, That's right according to N4G how can I forget..... Because N4G says so.

-Foxtrot51d ago

"Because N4G says so"

I think the player count does...

Crows9051d ago

Players say so. Players don't just randomly stop playing a good game

PapaBop51d ago

Well it's hardly booming is it? Halo used to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games and is a shallow husk of it's former self. It's a shame as the gunplay is really good but they dropped the ball hard on it.

JEECE51d ago


They really do though. Because most players are more attracted to live service nonsense than good gameplay.

oIMyersIo51d ago

Echo chamber: 100.
I'd be curious if yarbie has actually played the game.

Notellin51d ago

Yeah people like @Foxtrot and @Crows90 comment here. Completely anecdotal fanboy nonsense all the time.

They mention player count but they don't know any of the numbers or have enough intelligence to interpret them.

BlackTar18750d ago


It has an average of 3k players. That is not a great number.

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Lightning7751d ago

@Fox it peaks at well over 8,000 players on Steam. That's just steam alone who knows what the Xbox player counts are.

Content is what keeps ppl coming back and the game finally doing it.

CBaoth51d ago

ride or die for MS, eh? Does it ever get tiresome? It's summer - I barely play anything now. Put the keyboard down, go out n have some real fun. Two days from now I'll be sipping margaritas in Key West getting ready for Dirty Heads/Sublime concert. Please tell me you won't still be here arguing over a piece of plastic!

BlackTar18750d ago

It is averaging 3-4k on steam stop lying