Hell Let Loose’s lack of tutorial is an “enduring frustration” for Black Matter

As more and more people get stuck into Hell Let Loose on PS5, one thing has become clear: the game isn’t the easiest for new players to get to grips with. With 14 roles, a complex spawn system, and the need for constant communication, Black Matter’s tactical shooter can be fairly off-putting for new recruits.

That is, in part, due to the fact the game doesn’t have an official tutorial, something Black Matter founder Max Rea tells The Loadout is an “enduring frustration” for the team. At the moment, privates complaining on Reddit are being redirected to ten minute YouTube tutorials put together by veterans of the community.

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PitbullMonster52d ago

The spawn system is really frustrating because people don't know how to set spawnpoints.

crazyCoconuts52d ago

I played it for far too long last night and it's when you're on a squad that does understand it. Way less hoofing to the objective

monkey60252d ago

This game is the first time in a very long long time I jumped in to a game and had no idea what the hell I was doing.

crazyCoconuts52d ago

Skimming the field manual is a must imo

Popsicle52d ago

Same for me. Running towards an objective icon only to get taken out by someone who was not in my squad but was on my team. Then respawn to start running towards icon I know nothing about again. Lol

arkard52d ago

Same, had no idea what I was doing, no tutorial to turn to, just a bunch of reading material. Instant uninstall.

Smok9151d ago

This is the issue with people today. Be willing to read!

arkard51d ago

More then happy to read. But small print and I'm not going to waste my time standing across my living room to read it. Couple with no mode to explore controls or any of what I read outside of a game, not worth my time.

Proexposed52d ago

My main problem with the game is how incredibly slow you move. Like it feels like it takes 5 minutes to run 15 feet.

Moe-Gunz52d ago

Definitely a missed opportunity there. However, I kept with it and started to really enjoy it. A lot to learn and hopefully they come up with a tutorial system or implement a video tutorial series you can watch in the game.

AnotherGamer52d ago

It really does need a tutorial.

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