Square Enix is Smash Ultimate’s Big Winner, and It Deserves It

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has announced its final character, and it cements just how impactful Square Enix is in the games industry.

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Nerdmaster60d ago

I hope they realized how stupid they were being, being so stingy with how many Final Fantasy resources they let Nintendo use in the beginning with Cloud (only two songs, no Mii costumes, no spirits - or only 3 trophies in the Wii U version, all of them about Cloud...)

Vits60d ago

They do.But is still a bit sad how some characters and franchises from as important franchises didn't make the cut or where implemented in a less than ideal way. Doom Slayer in particulary really hurted to see as only a Mii costume.

Zeldafan6460d ago

I personally wanted Jill Valentine from Resident Evil to be the final Smash fighter. Oh well.