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With huge 50 vs 50 battles, Hell Let Loose is a grounded shooter that's all about communication and teamwork. Our review on PS5.

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Destiny108059d ago (Edited 59d ago )

sound is great, graphics are great, haptic feedback is great

The Bad
the map screen is a joke, due to everything being microscopic you have no idea were you are, with no idea of the direction your pointing, there's no names of anything on the map, its the equivalent of giving you no information, maybe I'm missing some secret hidden options which makes it all better, ok, i can tell were the spawn points are, but why not make them red and not a different shade of green on a map that's all green, its clear this was designed for Pc were you can have a different screen displaying the map at all times and your about 2 feet away from your screen, this needs an entire overhaul for console with multiple zoom level options

i want to play as a sniper, but of course that's not possible because there's only like two slots for being a sniper on the 50 man team and there always taken

there's no tutorial, and not even a simple shooting range were you can at least fire some rounds and hit a few targets

i would like an arcade mode, half the map size with the choice of picking any class

some tips, disable screen blur, you really don't need blur while tracking an enemy, reduce the dead zone of the analogy sticks, the default is 40, the lower it is, the more accurate the analogy sticks will be

it has the potential of being a 10/10 game

CaptainHenry91659d ago

You're right about it being designed for PC

EvertonFC58d ago

Agree on all points especially text size and map.

blady_man58d ago

Also, they should have a more Spawn points, it takes ages to be able to move around the map. It takes longer walking/Running than the actual gameplay of the game.

gamer958d ago

haven't played yet, but isn't the team supposed to build more spawn points?