GTAIV named Time's GOTY

The economy may be tanking, but Time magazine spared no expense on its annual year-end awards for 2008. This week, the news magazine delivered its verdict on the top 10 biggest happenings of the year, spanning 50 different categories. And as in years past, games were party to the proceedings.

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tatotiburon3600d ago

Third magazine to give GOTY award to GTAIV, nice rockstar

arika3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

bu bu but it should have been fable 2! man i'm pissed!(sarcasm)lol! isn't time a current events and news magazine? are they a videogame mag now? i still believe it's LBP or MGS4 for the goty awards. well see. there are still a lot of game awards coming up. the one i'm waiting for is picks for game of the year.

Capital G3600d ago

gta lbp and mgs4 were all overrated rentals

fable 2 is the only smart decision

maybe l4d.......but thats more underground

SiLeNt KNighT3600d ago

tomorrow there will be an article in Time Magazine about how GTAIV caused some shooting. These guys are a joke when it comes to gaming. In fact they should publish my opinion on politics, same difference...

ape0073600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

gta 4 was like 8.5 game

about goty,the first thing comes 2 mind is gears 2 and R2

mgs 4 was good but imo(don't jump on me,please,it's my opinion)it was the worst mgs game in terms of gameplay,design,pacing,intesit y and overall "FUN",mgs1,2 and specially 3 were much better,act 1 and 2 were awesome,the rest acts were booring,dull and was 80% watching more than playing and boss fights were average at(only rex vs ray and the final battle were awesome) best(crying,raging nothing compared to the end,the sorrow,etc...),lbp was very good also,must buy but still DKC,super mario world,earth worm jim are MILES better imo

dead spece was awesome too,must buy and 1 more thing.......SAINTS ROW 2 omg this game is SO fun,deep,wit and amazing,it's so underrated,buy it now,you'll love it the first minute you play it

ape0073600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

one of the biggest gta fans ever

the game was good but not on par with gta 3 series imo

gta 4 has the best city ever created,the main character will be remembered for years,the production values were very high

one thing that stop it from being one of the finest games ever and that is the gameplay was a bit realistic,it was kinda heavy,hard,not quick and responsive

rockstar,in next gta make it ps3 exclusive(50 gb)add a strong gameplay punch


ps3 version of gta 4 was so blurry and has so much jaggies compared to 360 version,360 version looks and performs much better in everything(all the press screenshots was taken from 360 version of the game),call me a fanboy but it's the truth,Ign and others said ps3 version was better to drive more gta 4 sales,R made a very big payment deal,not only pay to give it a 10 out of 10 but even to say that ps3 version looks better(because 90% of gta fans played it on the sony brand),omg,omg,corroption,corr option


can't believe it

I bought gta 4 first on ps3,I said it has crappy graphics,after 5 months,I played the 360 version and I was like omg,the biggest F*** up ever,360 version looks so much better,sharper,cleaner,smoothe ,
much faster load times and now with install option it will load in a heart beat,also ps3 version after adding trophies,it takes more time to load than the already long load times in ps3 version
ps3 version almost freezez when driving fast in traffic,so much blur,ghosting,slowdown,jaggies ,I almost threw up,totally unplayable,maybe the worst port I've seen since the ps1/n64 era

believe me,just play it on 360 or pc after playing it on ps3 for a long time,you'll indeed notice a very big difference

Wenis3600d ago

I just still can't get over how much a step back GTA IV was from a the masterpiece that was San andreas. Makes you wonder if Rockstar knows that gameplay wise, maybe theres not anymore room to expand? So they fall backwards, and the next GTA they advance a bit more (like III-Vice City) Then even more (like Vice City-San andreas). I sure hope not.. But i'll definately be expecting a LOT more from the next GTA or the franchise is dead to me.

ZackFair3600d ago

Funny you talk about LBP and MGS4, then mention the most overrated, flawed, short, horribly presented 'RPG' we've seen in a long time.

Then again, it must be difficult to come up with new arguments as lesser Xbots with low intelligence.

jammy_703600d ago

this game was NOT FUN ENOUGH to be game of the year!
yer the technology and graphics and sound (well the soundtrack i think it terrible!) as good but MGS4 is just better
i guess its alright just a wee bit overhyped!

uie4rhig3599d ago

is just wrong.. the only good bit about it is the storyline.. after that it gets boring.. unlike GTA SA.. which i still play on my lappy.. GTA SA > GTA IV

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rucky3600d ago

Can't say it's totally well deserved but congrats Rockstar!

falcon3600d ago

In my opinion, mgs4 is the best game of the year.

ICUP3600d ago

Overrated and overhyped game, i can't believe i skip work to play this boring @ss game and i am a huge GTA fan.

Danja3600d ago

Doesn't deserve this award , most Over-rated game , most over-hyped game seems fitting for GTA4

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