This Bloodborne Wallet Costs $118.00 and It's Kinda Awesome

COG: Looking for a brand new way to store your cash? Bloodborne and SuperGroupies USA have collaborated to make a special wallet for fans and it sure is pretty.

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TheRealTedCruz62d ago

You'll never see me in game clothes/accessories, but that's actually just a nice wallet. Not too on the nose "lol Bloodborne exists amirite".

I've had the same wallet for the last 20 years though. Keeping that thing until it finally dies at this point.

oldenjon62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Yeah I'm not about to spend $118 for something that I sit on all day and only comes out of my pocket for a few minutes on average. People already do that but I don't really see the point in marketing this kind of product to them. Bloodborne doesn't exactly say luxe to me. Just a weird idea targeting a specific fraction of people that have too much money.

JackBNimble61d ago

Because they fanboys are sucker's

Inverno62d ago

At that price it better be able to fit as many items as your character can in their pocket, and 2 weapons

Abnor_Mal62d ago

If anything it should be a trick wallet, and have the abilty to change from one thing to the next. For instance, from an empty wallet to a full of cash wallet.

Wait, I believe i already have one but in reverse, because my current wallet goes from full of cash to empty if I spend money on nonsense, like gaming gear. Especially when that gear doesn't help me game any better.

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The story is too old to be commented.