PopMatters: Quantum of Solace: Wii Version review

Chris Gaerig writes:

"It's somewhat ironic then that what truly shines in Quantum of Solace is the single player mode, not the multiplayer that the series has become notorious for. Unfortunately though, the single player mode isn't much to write home about. It has its moments but is ultimately muddied by the poor control conception of all Wii FPSes. Whenever someone figures out the Wii control scheme, the result will almost certainly be a masterpiece, but until then, FPS will flounder in their own self-realizing prophecies. And while Quantum of Solace attempts to be the first arbiter of this new control scheme, its approach simply emphasizes the problems within the game rather than correcting them. This game is not the new Goldeneye, and frankly, no Bond game-or any game really-will ever be again; you can only revolutionize a genre so many times."

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