Xbox Game Pass Adds 7 New Games

Microsoft gets the new month started off right, adding a total of seven new games to the Xbox Game Pass service these past couple of days.

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Rocosaurus65d ago

AI: The Sominum Files (Console)
Astria Ascending (Console/PC/Cloud)
Marvel's Avengers (Console/PC/Cloud)
Mighty Goose (Console)
Phoenix Point (Console)
Scarlet Nexus (Console/PC/Cloud)
Unsighted (Console/PC)

alb189964d ago

I have a list of games that I must finish before Forza and Infinite arrives and the list keeps growing uffff!

slowgamer64d ago

AI: Somnium is on pc too and is pretty interesting stuff.
Also mighty goose is on pc pass. =D
I guess phoenix point was already on pc.

Gaming4Life198163d ago

That unsighted game looks like something I would like. I bought avengers on black Friday and I'm having a hard time finishing it cause the gameplay is boring. I was enjoying the story though. Already download scarlet nexus so I'll play that very soon.

slowgamer63d ago

Yeah the story is fine but the game sure makes it obvious that it is online thing and wants you to grind but you basically don't want to.

neutralgamer199263d ago

That's awesome more and more games to play enjoy something for everyone

babadivad63d ago

I was just looking to buy Scarlett since I've already finished Tales of Arise. This was right on time.

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autobotdan63d ago

"Seven little superheroes will vanish one by one, seven little superheroes, soon, there'll be none."
-Chameleon Spider-man and his amazing friends

NotanotherReboot63d ago

Game Pass is the best exclusive

CYALTR62d ago

I have to say I am really enjoying Marvels Avengers campaign mode. It reminds me of the new Tomb Raider controls crossed with a brawler. Fairly simple and intuitive. Probably never would have even tried it without Game Pass, as I don't get into multiplayer games. Hopefully the increased engagement numbers will help the multiplayer too. A win/win.