Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Protagonists

KeenGamer: "The protagonists of the Metal Gear Solid series have very different characters and personalities. Let's see and discuss which ones are the best. Most of them appear in multiple games and have plenty of time to develop, even if they are all clones of each other one way or another. After all this time, which one is your favourite?"

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Hatchetforce66d ago

Really? Raiden? Did the writer mean to say playable Protagonists? No one, and I mean no one in the series sacrificed more than Ocelot. Beginning with his career and ultimately his life, he gave all.

goldwyncq66d ago

Ocelot is not a protagonist under any definition of the word.

Hatchetforce66d ago

Not by strict definition but the author closed that door when he listed whiny Otacon.