New Bethesda Game Redfall Is Getting Help From DOOM Developer id

Redfall is getting help from id.

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RaidenBlack539d ago

Arkane also helped MachineGames with Wolfenstein Youngblood.

PhillyDillyDee539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

That game was… well it wasnt good.

Yui_Suzumiya538d ago

God of War bored me so much that I went ahead and traded it for Youngblood. Loved it so much I got the platinum. Even had a blast with the Switch version recently.

RpgSama538d ago


Yep, makes total sense, God of War bad, Young blood good /S

thesoftware730538d ago

Youngblood was really fun, backstep in story and characters..gameplay was top notch shit tho.

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RaidenBlack538d ago

MG & Arkane tried something different with Youngblood, I'll agree.
But it didn't quite succeed. It was made by the smaller team of MG.
The larger one is involved in a bigger project after New Colossus.
Other than that, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (my fav. in the series), New Order, Old Blood and New Colossus are one of the best FPSs made.
Being a Wolfenstein fan, I was kinda disappointed with Wolfenstein (2008) and Youngblood.

Yui_Suzumiya537d ago

Well yeah, it wasn't as good as the other Wolfenstein games but it was still fun for what it was. I also wasn't saying God of War wasn't bad in the slightest, I just got bored with it like I do most God of War games. I'm very picky and few high profile games interest me which is why I'm primarily into visual novels and FPS's on my Switch right now.

darkrider539d ago

Let's wait and see. Maybe they can improve. They got time.

Sayai jin538d ago

If a game dev needs help, that keans they need to improve something witht the game?

Lightning77537d ago

Improving something? That's the general point of game development. If something needs Polish or improvement we won't know because we don't make the game. We just hope it's not in the final product. I don't know why collaboration or outsourcing is suddenly being questioned when this sorta thing is absolutely nothing new in the AAA industry. The only 1st publisher that doesn't outsource is Nintendo. I guess Nintendo is the only one doing development right?

Sayai jin537d ago

My question was rhetorical. As some people on this site msde a big del when when Coalition announced they eere adding on Square Enix for help with Perfect Dark, but the those same people ignore the fsct that this is notmal in the industry. Such as TLOU 2 had 14 studios and o er 2000 devs, which most were3rd party. Naughty Doghas around 550 employees so they added quite a lot of extra devs for help.

It's pretty nornal for hiring extra help on game development, especially large scale games.

thesoftware730538d ago


Improve on what?

The game has never showed gameplay.

Teflon02537d ago

Wasn't aware they had something shown already lol. They could just be helping because they got the resources to do so, may not be actual issues

anast538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

"It's pretty clear that Xbox's investments are paying off, especially with games like Redfall." - game journo speaking game journolese

How is this "paying off"? Doesn't the game have to be sold and successful to "pay off"? Plus, Deathloop wasn't an anti-Sony game or a blockbuster hit. Starfield hasn't released yet and they are looking at the next gen. for ES6.

jznrpg538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Yeah paid off is when they make more than the 7+ Billion spent back . They have a loooooong ways to go with that

Darkborn538d ago

Especially when gamepass isn't profitable yet.

alb1899538d ago

Considering the titles that we are starting to see is very promising.
Deathloop and Psychonauts 2 have been very high rated and very different games. I think is going well and I'm paying Gamepass very, very happy.

thesoftware730537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

No no,

Paying of is an expression, it does not have to = money.

It could be paying off in: ideas, game engines being shared, collaboration between teams, better and faster production of games, better overall resources management, leadership..ect.

@dark , GP has nothing to do with this bro..I think you should actually give GP a might like it. Have you ever tried PSnow? I have and still have it subbed..together they offer so much games at your fingertips..its great.

Teflon02537d ago

You missed the points. Still can't say it's paying off with examples that don't make sense psychonauts is great but as far as I understand wasn't a good seller. Deathloop was great too, not on Xbox yet but will be, but didn't even sell great on PS. They haven't shown that the games they're releasing will get them in a better position.

GP doesn't directly have anything to do with it. But it's an equation that can't be ignored. It isn't really a big profit which ultimately wastes alot of sales potential that could have made alot more

Sayai jin536d ago

It is called Return on Investment (ROI).

justadelusion538d ago

id software is just in name, it hasnt held the core team of trailblazers for decades at this point

DOMination-538d ago

True. But. You could say this about almost every studio in the world. Sure you get the odd person who stays just like any job but the reality is most dev teams have a very different make up to what they would have looked like 10, 20 years ago..

Psychonaut85538d ago

Doesn’t mean much, they worked on Rage 2 and we see how that went.

RaidenBlack538d ago

Rage 2 was primarily made by Avalanche Studios using their proprietary Apex game engine instead of id Tech.
Id just worked with them at creative level. Directing Avalanche the style and the combat.

thesoftware730537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Rage 2 was super fun!!! I played it with all the DLC...good game man.

I saved so many kill clip videos from that game, they way you could approach a enemy base and destroy them was amazingly fun..had a decent story and huge open world with good graphics.

What was wrong with it?

Yui_Suzumiya537d ago

I loved Rage 2 though.. also the original.. fantastic games!

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