Tango Gameworks Is Already Developing Its Next Game After Ghostwire: Tokyo

As fans continue to wait for the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami has revealed another new title is already in the works, and it's being led by Evil Within 2's director.

Petebloodyonion608d ago

I would love an Evil Within 3 but I guess that it won't happens since both previous games flopped sales wise.

KyRo608d ago

I loved the first game even with its faults but the semi openness if the second game didn't work as well in my.opinion. it's a shame a third will likely never happen.

CantThinkOfAUsername608d ago

It's the opposite for me. I thought the first game was very Resident Evil-ish. The second was unique. I enjoyed it a lot more than RE VII. It's a shame that it didn't do well in sales (and I blame Bethesda for that since they gave it zero marketing).

CrimsonWing69608d ago

I thought the 2nd game was way better. I liked the semi-open area in the city and then how it’d go to linear in other portions.

Sephiroushin608d ago

the second felt like a the last of us in someway I loved it way more than the 1st one...

Jrpg_Gamer608d ago

Sales doesnt count anymore, it will be day one on game pass, if reachs 1 million in sales you can be proud...

JEECE608d ago

This does make you wonder how they are going to measure success now. It can't just be downloads, because there will be people who download games just because they are on Gamepass who would not have otherwise been interested. My guess is that it will be some combination of hours played per user and new Gamepass subscriptions that coincide with a game's release.

Concertoine608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

The first Evil Within did really well, the second didnt because many didnt like the difficult, buggy EW1 that promised to be survival horror but really was a successor to Resident Evil 4

I personally love both games

RaidenBlack608d ago

And I still don't know what that Ghostwire game's all about.

Lexreborn2608d ago

It just looks awesome and over the top, but as far as EW3 I would hope they could take it to a tighter feel and go beyond the jump scare and make some unique experiences with the new technology. Seeing world warping features like a rift apart with the world bending into new horrors as you play.

CaptainHenry916608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Evil Within 3 sounds like a good Xbox/PC exclusive

Sherif129608d ago

Yes. Makes total sense considering the first 2 games are multi platform and this totally wouldn’t anger the fanbase they built up. /s

Lexreborn2608d ago

They might not have a choice in the matter since Microsoft owns Zenimax

pietro1212608d ago

Microsoft owns Tango Gameworks publisher now. I don't think they have much of a choice

CaptainHenry916608d ago

Well, the fanbase gotta get over it. Microsoft owns Tango now.

NeoGamer232608d ago

Everyone that owns a PS also owns a PC and doesn't care if it is XB exclusive. /s

Sherif129608d ago

Completely forgot Tango Gameworks is owned by Bethesda. Thanks for the correction.

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Sonyslave3608d ago

Bruh i think it is EW3 or Silent Hill.

RaidenBlack608d ago

Silent Hill?
You mean Konami's gonna double dip?
Offer one license to Tango for Xbox another parallel license to Sony's studio for PS?

CaptainHenry916608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Well, since there's two Silent Hill games in the works after hearing the rumors, I guess it is possible. But it's more likely EW3.

Orchard608d ago

Please be EW3 - or at least a horror themed game!

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