WorthPlaying: Cooking Mama World Kitchen Review

WorthPlaying writes: "It's hard to imagine that some everyday activities we take for granted can become the basis for some great gaming experiences. Two years ago, Majesco Games introduced the world of Cooking Mama to the Nintendo DS. Using cooking as the complete premise for the game, it became a huge hit, thanks to the fun ways the touch-screen was used to chop items and prepare tasty dishes. A year later, Cooking Mama: Cook-Off was released to the Nintendo Wii with similar results, this time adding in more recipes to work with as well as two-player competitive multiplayer. After another successful run on the Nintendo DS, Majesco Games brings the franchise back to the Wii with Cooking Mama: World Kitchen, a title with a few more noticeable differences in some game mechanics.

The premise of the single-player game remains largely unchanged. Using your Wiimote as the universal kitchen utensil, you try to create over 50 different recipes from all over the world. Recipes range from hamburgers to seafood dishes. At the end of a recipe, the player gets graded on how well he performed each task, and once the grade is given, a new recipe is unlocked, no matter how well or poorly he did. The competitive multiplayer mode also follows the same premise as the single-player mode, with each player cooking the same recipe and fighting for the best grade possible."

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