eFootball’s launch bugs include flattened referees and disappearing players

eFootball has finally hit consoles and PCs. Built as a new, ever-evolving platform by Konami, this year’s entry is set to serve as the base of the game for the many years to come. But the launch of the game hasn’t exactly been smooth.

The game has been out for a couple of hours so far, and already players have found a lot of bugs, some of which are absolutely hilarious. These bugs have been widely shared on the eFootball subreddit and Twitter, and include players disappearing in opening match cutscenes and having their bodies wiped out of existence, leaving a floating football kit in its place. Players are also regularly clipping through one another, making them look as if they have extra limbs.

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EvertonFC1027d ago

I keep getting the poor connection error and the goalkeeper got caught on the post lol. Besides that it's night and day better than fifa 22.
Looking fwd to custom teams and custom tactics update though.

1027d ago
anast1027d ago

I bet the MTs are working though.

anast1027d ago

I am not sure what you mean. It's a very strange comment. Ofc it's F2P, but I bet they are working better than the game. It might be better to spend time doing other things...

EvertonFC1027d ago

Your making out MT is a issue in a f2p with your comment that's why

anast1027d ago

I don't understand your comments. They don't make sense to me.

BlackDoomAx1027d ago

I'd rather play this one than give EA more money.

TheColbertinator1027d ago

Konami blows. Barely any effort and they want that FIFA lootbox money.


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slayernz310d ago

Still waiting for master league! Used to love playing that, given up playing most games online due to the toxic players out there


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