Konami and Barcelona continue their eFootball partnership | Celebrate with Legends

Konami and Barcelona announced confirmation of partnership renewal, allowing the Barcelona name to continue in eFootball for another season.

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eFootball 2024 Review - Gaming Respawn

Another year and another eFootball title to enjoy. However, eFootball 2024 might finally be a step in the right direction for the franchise. Gaming Respawn reviews.

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slayernz72d ago

Still waiting for master league! Used to love playing that, given up playing most games online due to the toxic players out there


eFootball 2024: Leo Messi Edition - the greatest of all time

You'll find the eFootball 2024: Leo Messi Edition on the Xbox Store. Grab a download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now.

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Konami celebrates 28 years of football fun with new eFootball updates

It’s a big birthday celebration over at the Konami offices, as the studio commemorates 28 years of football gaming with new eFootball updates

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Yi-Long153d ago

What’s there to celebrate!? Konami had the best football game in town (ISS, PES), and they completely killed it in order to go after the esports & mobile market with their ‘eFootball’ …

What a shame.

slayernz153d ago

yeah completely agree with that.....used to love PES and was hoping they would release master league as that might make efootball semi decent..... but still looks like its MIA