Cyberpunk 2077 Wants Your Feedback On Its Quests

The lead designer on Cyberpunk 2077 wants your feedback on the game's quests so that they can improve the game.

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ArchangelMike64d ago

CDPR is a bit bold asking for feedback, I thought the game was supposed to be done by now. I honestly stopped playing, becasue I'm still holding out hope of one day playing the game that they told me that this game would be.

poppatron64d ago

Yeah, me too. Started it on the ps5 then stopped because it feels a bit unbalanced and easy. Got to a point very quickly where you can hack and kill big groups of enemies from far enough away that they can’t see you or find you, it became boring. Then just thought I may as well wait until the next gen patch and come back to it and start a new game maybe.

But honestly, if that next gen patch comes next year I might just sack it. Or just come back to it some point in the future when I have nothing else I’m in to playing

gamer780462d ago

Same hoping the next gen patch is up to standards next year…. Luckily there is a lot to play right now.

ecchiless62d ago

sorry to say that you are not gonna play the game then, neva..... :(


I’m going to write so much.

I loved the buildup to breaking into the weapons manufacture. The planning over sushi in the city made me think the game was going to be special.

It ended up feeling pretty incomplete soon after. I feel like they took on a bigger scope than they could ever achieve in under 10 years.

N1GHT_W0LF_X62d ago

I completely agree. The game really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It just feels like they aimed too high and created a mediocre game, while hyping up a masterpiece.

In terms of gameplay, it's a solid game. Stealth is a little wonky at times, but it doesn't have any issues that most 3D stealth games like Deus Ex don't also suffer from.

In terms of story, it could be better. Starts off really strong then kind of loses focus and tries to be a metaphor for a bit too much.

In terms of performance, that's really where it struggles. The world pops in every time you look around, causing things to appear where they shouldn't. There are just a lot of tiny things that constantly pull you out of your immersion.

But I feel like all of its negatives were just because the game needed more time to be refined. They created an entire world from nothing, and it's honestly amazing that we got what we got. I'm almost certain that given time to develop a proper sequel, all of those faults would be rectified because they've proven to be competent developers. It's just that they bit off more than they could chew with the time they were given.

Traecy62d ago

Just waiting for the next generation patch.

Hofstaderman62d ago

Here's my feedback.... You made me wait for so many years and then released this piece of crap. Eat a d*! # CD Projekt Red

KyRo62d ago

You sound like an entitled little school kid. You bought into the hype that gamers created. If you didn't like the end product that's just as much on you as it is CDPR.

TheRealTedCruz62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Not really.

They lied a lot about not only the mechanics, but the quality of the game, itself.
As the consumer, all you could have done is go by their word.

When a company is straight up lying to you, that's not exactly your fault.
In a lot of ways, this was No Man's Sky all over again.

Hofstaderman62d ago

Dude I've played the board games since the 90s. The way the developer promoted this turd was like it was the Second Coming. As a longtime cyberpunk fan I genuinely feel that I was shafted and that they wasted an opportunity to bring the IP to a younger generation. Thank God I could not secure a collectors edition.

D3TH_D33LR62d ago

I’d love to give some but I’ve been waiting for the collective industry ok to revisit the game after it’s lackluster launch problems. I’ve even got it for my high end pc so I didn’t have too many issues, I just figured they’d fix some issues and add some significant content before I bother coming back.

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