Crysis Remastered physical edition launches on Switch

Nintendo Switch fans eager to get their hands on a physical copy of Crysis Remastered can do so starting today.

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Yui_Suzumiya22d ago

Hell yes.. plan on picking this up next week 😁

JEECE22d ago

This game is shockingly decent on Switch lol. Although you definitely need a pro controller. Playing with the joycons is bad.

Yui_Suzumiya22d ago

I only have a Switch Lite and it was highly problematic, especially with FPS's, so I bought one of the grip controllers that snaps into the Switch and no issues after that.

JEECE22d ago

Can you not connect a pro controller to the switch lite? My issue is with the analog sticks on the joycons. They are fine for platformers, etc, but I've never been able to use them well for aiming in fps games. In fairness I've never held a Switch Lite, so the sticks may be better than the joy con sticks.