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autobotdan27d ago

Castlevania and Resident Evil are always good

Neonridr27d ago

the old stuff here vastly outshines the newer stuff, lol

Aphelion8227d ago

Code Veronica is especially amazing! The sound design and the soundtrack in classic RE games were amazing. Got it just a few weeks ago on sale. Love it.

NeoGamer23227d ago

How about scraping Games with Gold and reducing both XB Live Gold and XB GamePass Ultimate by $5 per month.

I don't mind the games with gold, but in reality it has been a long time since I really cared about what came on games with gold.

John_McClane27d ago

Getting rid of the gold paywall entirely works for me.

27d ago
NeoGamer23227d ago

I believe in paying for services you use. You look at the console vendors and they run a network that tracks your gamer profile, does your games saves, and provides an environment for multi-player. The servers and infrastructure to do this is expensive and has to be paid for somehow.

I like a direct payment method rather then hiding the costs behind something else. No matter what they have to find a way to make money off the investments they make. No company does stuff for free. Now with PSNow and XB GamePass I think both should just drop the free games (that aren't really free because they allocate Gold and Plus money to buy those games) I think it is time the the free games are dropped and the subscriptions drop in price as well.

Kurt Russell27d ago

I loved Aaero. I bought it on PS4 a few years ago and got hooked (some great tunes in there). I will happily double dip and try and grab a few achievements blitzing through the earlier difficulties again.

darthv7227d ago

I havent played Code Veronica since the Dreamcast. I assume this is that but in HD?

Yui_Suzumiya27d ago

Yeah, it had an HD remaster during the PS3 / 360 era

babadivad27d ago

Same. That game was long AF!!

aznablenine27d ago

I believe it is the hd version of Code Veronica X which is just the updated version, not exactly the one on dreamcast but there aren't too many differences.

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franwex27d ago

Damn, I just bought code name Veronica. Lol. I was eyeballing the Castlevania game due to the recent Tokyo Gameshow Sale, but I guess I’ll just get it here instead.

27d ago
autobotdan27d ago

Resident Evil and Castlevania crossover Video game and Anime series confirmed!

VersusDMC27d ago

Nope. That would make no sense...but there is going to be a Devil May Cry and Castlevania anime crossover.

So anything is possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.