Ghostrunner receives a next-gen update on Xbox Series X|S and PS5

Kaan writes: "Ghostrunner originally launched in October 2020, but in true parkour fashion this game cannot be stopped, dashing from strength to strength. Ghostrunner’s next dash delivers a hefty next-gen update on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, available today!"

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bloodyspasm68d ago

Awesome, I'll download it again to check how it looks. It was already spectacular on Xbox One X ^^

Garethvk68d ago

Posted some video earlier. Dislike the use of a trigger button to jump as that and the control sticks makes it harder when you have been used to playing on a PC with a mouse and keyboard.

swifty168d ago

Aww man you can’t remap the buttons? I never understood why this isn’t standard in every game. Must be hard to implement I guess

Garethvk68d ago

To be fair I did not look to do that. I also need to see if I can tweak the control sticks to be less responsive.

Tody_ZA68d ago

I just downloaded the PS5 update. I also found R1 to jump to be something to get used to, but don't worry, you can remap all of the buttons as you please.

MetroidFREAK2168d ago

I just bought the stand alone PS5 physical version. I had a $15 off Amazon coupon so I got the game for $15.89. Pretty cool zipping along and chopping limbs. First time player here