FIFA 22 Review - IGN

Microtransactions still loom large, but small iterative changes and the horsepower of new-gen consoles combine to make FIFA 22 feel like a worthwhile upgrade without needing anything revolutionary or terribly exciting from EA’s side.

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Nyxus18d ago

That description does not read like it should've gotten a 7.

EmperorDalek18d ago

Man up IGN, give it the score it deserves. Even your review couldn't justify a 7.

Kerppamaister18d ago

Yeah, but money talks and bullshit walks and all. They obey the mighty dollars.

MocBistro18d ago

I dont know when FIFA turned into an arcade football game. Switched to PES for 2 years.

melons18d ago

They're all arcade now. Not one football game out there is close to how football actually is.