The biggest Harvest Moon yet comes to Xbox with One World

Neil writes: "If you were to roll back the months, a year ago you'd not have found a Harvest Moon title present and correct on Microsoft's Xbox eco-system. But all that changed when Natsume released Harvest Moon: Mad Dash and then Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition into the fold. Now though they are back once more, pushing out the biggest Harvest Moon title yet - Harvest Moon: One World."

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TheRealTedCruz25d ago

Still feel HM 64 is the best in the series.

Nakiro25d ago

Yeah, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was a classic.

The current team that does Harvest Moon games(Natsume?) is not the real Harvest Moon. They have the right to the name so you are getting a watered down Harvest Moon experience at the moment because of the split and copyright laws. The REAL Harvest Moon as we remember it from the past is Story of the Seasons series which is the higher quality version of these games and has finally come over to the rest of the world recently.

Before the same game used to be Story of Seasons in Japan and Harvest Moon everywhere else. Now there are two separate entities with Natsume trying to cash in on the name alone.

TheRealTedCruz25d ago

Oh. I'm aware of the situation with the series. The last one I bought was Wonderful Life on the Game Cube.

I'm an avid player of Stardew Valley for years now though. That's enough for me.

LiViNgLeGaCY25d ago

By far the WORST Harvest Moon game.