Rumor: EA Stopping Development on Steven Spielberg's Next Project

Rumor has it that EA is halting all development for Steven Spielberg's next project, code named "LMNO" and set to release on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

This is bad news because it seems like Spielberg's genius could have worked in this game, which has been described as "film-like"

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darthv723598d ago

maybe an alphabet game?? This could be part of a series. ABC DEFG HIJK LMNO PQR STUV WXYZ

So Easy I Can Do It3598d ago

is overrated, making good films doesn't mean you can make a good game.

ukilnme3598d ago

Take a hike clown. There's only room for one caveman on N4G.

likeaboss3023598d ago

I guess EA doesn't like the fact he doesn't have any cut scenes in it. ;)

Panipal20053598d ago

I thought EA was all about the new IPs now...oh maybes they just meant new IPs started this year.