Five cancelled games that deserve another chance on PS4 and Xbox One

GameZone writes, "When looking forward, it’s hard to not also look back and imagine what some games would be like if they came out today. What about the ones that never came out at all? While the chances of any of the following games going back into development are slim-to-none, it’s exciting to consider how much better or more practical they would be today."

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Neonridr2501d ago

As soon as I read the title the first game that came to my mind was Starcraft: Ghosts.

crxss2501d ago

while i agree that some canceled games deserve to get released on the next gen, some canceled games should stay canceled. for example: beyond: two souls.

robtion2501d ago

Beyond two souls is great,have you actually played it?

I would love to see a beyond good and evil 2 (not cancelled strictly speaking but it has been in limbo for a long time).

crxss2501d ago

@robtion haha of course i've beaten it. multiple times. it's annoying when people judge games they haven't even played.

sobekflakmonkey2501d ago

I thought Eight Days, as well as the getaway, not to mention Heavenly Sword 2 as well as red wood falls, all those games could have been great, sad they were cancelled.


The Outsider, thats the game I am still waiting for...

and Wardevil.. although I don't think either will see the light of day.

I do think they were too big for last gen, but this gen just starting could handle them I think.

Roccetarius2501d ago

For all we know, Wardevil could've been another game with great ideas, but poor execution.

Anyways, maybe someone will ressurect it later.

zeal0us2501d ago

Jade Empire 2 where art thou?

Tigerfire2501d ago

Not really cancelled, but Lost Odyssey 2!

Roccetarius2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

The game may not be cancelled, but it doesn't exist either. Microsoft didn't see any profit in the IP, so i doubt they would fund another.

Personally it was one of the best JRPG's i've played.

Rzep2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You want Ghost then go read the book, simple.

Rzep2501d ago

"An AI partner hadn’t really been done right by that point"

lol sure, a little game from 2004 called Half-Life 2 says hi.

Dasteru2501d ago

What one would that be? It has been a few years since i last played HL2 so my memory could just be bad but i do not remember any AI partners in it and i beat the game atleast half a dozen times.

The only AI i remember was Dog and it was never really a partner.

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The story is too old to be commented.