Halo Infinite multiplayer feels great, but there's a question mark over battle pass progression | EG

Wesley Yin-Poole: "For now, though, I'm just delighted Infinite's multiplayer has rekindled memories of long summers spent climbing the Halo ladder on Xbox Live. I am lock step in the Spartan dance, lobbing grenades this way, gun bucking that way, spraying assault rifle bullets in a slow floating circle of death. Bring on next weekend's shenanigans, and Big Team Battle."

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spicelicka26d ago

Looking forward to big team battle

Flawlessmic26d ago

Can they just show off campaign mode already, the game is like 2 months away anf they still keep holding off.

I mean i get multiplayer is big deal for this game but not for me, im looking forward to the campaign and story so i would like to see how thats shaping up.

A bit concercing seeing as im sure they know thats what people want to see and they still arent showing it.

moriarty188926d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Agreed. You have to wonder what is going on with the campaign that they still have yet to show anything new on it.
Very concerning indeed.

Rude-ro26d ago

Did the same with crackdown 3 …
Just sayin

Microsoft would rather lean on reviews instead of showing it off.
We will get cinematic trailers leading up to it..
But we will not get an in game preview/trailer.
To much of a gamble when everyone can see it rather than padded reviews for impulse purchases instead.
And you know we will get the “popular on twitch streams” articles because Microsoft does sponsored streams for the first two to four weeks with popular streamers. Obviously pushing PvP.

All about the appearance rather than the reality.

My other prediction.. digital foundry will not care about the “we have played this type of game before” like a recent review.

Sciurus_vulgaris26d ago

Halo Infinite’s campaign gameplay was revealed over a year ago before it was delayed.

Flawlessmic26d ago

Sciurus, yes they did and it was widely panned and the reason for the delay hence why i would like to see what progress they have made with it, the fact they havent shown anything yet doesnt inspire confidence.

ichdich26d ago

I’ve been playing the tech test and this is the most fun I’ve had since Halo 3. Can’t wait for release!