Rune Factory 5 – Same-Sex Marriage Confirmed For The Western Release

TGG says: "Marvelous Europe just announced that Rune Factory 5 will launch for Nintendo Switch on 25th March 2022 within Europe and Australia. They made a brand new English announcement trailer to drop this info and also made it a big point that the Western release will allow for same-sex marriage."

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Rachel_Alucard66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I remember reading there was design flaw with adding same sex marriage, in that now all the NPCs refer to you by some unisex type text instead of basing it on your gender. Before it was, "Wow you're a pretty cute girl" now it's like "Wow you're pretty cute." That's just a bland example but it gets more annoying when you start realizing you are just a blob in game instead of having an identity or having flavor text that's more personal. Another issue is that fact that NPCs now try to flirt with you regardless of your preferences on the matter. Not even something you can just turn off either.

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DarthMarvin66d ago

What about harems? I'd play if they implemented that.

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