Deathloop: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It - The Game Crater PS5 Review

Jayden Hellyar writes, "Deathloop is a great game that offers excellent gunplay and abilities with only a few minor cons. However, it doesn't feel it could be anyone's favourite game, and you could find a better experience in Arkane's previous titles."

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sourOG25d ago

I’m probably close to finished and I loved it. Arkane never fails my quest for bioshockish games. I heard their games don’t sell very good which is a shame. Deathloop is doing good but games like prey didn’t and that’s an awesome game too.

FlavorLav0125d ago

You said it OG. Itches that Bioshock scratch for sure. And sadly between Deathloop, prey, and Dishonored (All quality titles), Arcane still seem to be an under rated studio. I hope they continue on course though, I love their work.