Space Giraffe PC Is Pricey

The PC version of the game is considerably nicer than the Xbox 360 original, in several ways, and adds several key new features to one of the most distinctive and beautiful shooters of recent times.

Some players of the Xbox version found the extravagantly abstract and intense nature of some of the graphics to be distracting, and while in a way that was part of the design of Space Giraffe - learning to extract the necessary audiovisual cues from each level was part of the skill of playing the game - for the PC release we wanted to make the game more accessible to those who might be overwhelmed by the original graphical style.

The Neon engine has also been in continuing development since the time of the Xbox 360 version of the game over a year ago, and in particular we have been developing a new shader library capable of generating much more versatile and nice-looking effects than we've had before (we used the Neon library with the new shaders to provide the background visualisations in the upcoming release of "Space Invaders Extreme" on XBLA).

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