Amazon Games' Christoph Hartmann: "Eventually, we'll be judged by our successes"

The 2K founder on lessons learned from Crucible, hopes for New World and why big tech firms struggle to get into games

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porkChop24d ago

Well you're not off to a good start. Crucible is shit and New World is boring and super disappointing after all the waiting. Considering Amazon hired a bunch of industry veterans I think people were expecting miles better than they've delivered. It's been failure after failure. So how about you get a single success under your belt before you start making claims?

EvertonFC24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

With the amount of money they make they should just concentrate on 3 or 4 studios making cinematic AAA SP games like what playstation makes and maybe have 1 or 2 games f2p.
Shouldn't be too hard for amazon to put there thinking caps on and make a uncharted clone or character driven apocalypse tlou style game or maybe get in on the souls genre etc.

18d ago