Ten Years Later, Dark Souls' First Half Is Still Unmatched

Love it or loathe it (and there are plenty who do), Dark Souls is undeniably one of the most influential games of the last decade.

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slayernz27d ago

no....demon souls is the original and should be the focal point of this article

Imalwaysright27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The original was King's Field and this article is literally about Dark Souls level design so how you came to the conclusion that Demon's Souls should be the focal point of this article is beyond me.

MetalProxy27d ago

Because it came before Dark Souls that similar level design. Not sure how it’s beyond you *facepalm

Imalwaysright27d ago


Similar? Dark souls world is designed to be like an open ended interconnected maze while Demon's Souls has hub levels or if you prefer hub worlds. This should be pretty obvious so you either didn't play both games or you give yourself some pretty heavy handed facepalms.

Babadook727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

In my opinion, Dark Souls, while great, did not match the impressive Boletaria or Shrine of Storms in Demons Souls. Boletaria is highly interconnected.

TheDoomedGuy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

So you believe that adding a little hallway to connect area A and area B somehow makes it a wholly different level design approach?

No @metal definitely played all the games and understands what level design is. Just because they chose to use the hub world doesn't make it different level design.

The level design in demons souls was clearly the point of reference for future souls games. Just making the zones interconnected doesn't magically change the entire approach.

And boletaria has great level design. I prefer it over dark souls.

Blade9226d ago

No Frame Gride and Otomi should be the focus.

slayernz26d ago

@Imalwayswrong dont worry about it mate, not everyone can keep up - dont beat yourself up over it!

Imalwaysright26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


I suggest you get acquainted with the term metroidvania to understand Dark Souls world design and yes it's different because in Demon's Souls you could just pick and choose any given world would like to go 1st while in Dark Souls you were forced down a path, not a completely linear one but a path nonetheless if you wanted to progress and that instilled a sense of discovery and progression that Demon's didn't have. The problem with Dark Souls world design is that it wasn't ever going to be as focused as the one we see in Demon's Souls wich is one of the reasons as to why Demon's completely nails the atmosphere while the same can't be said about Dark Souls.


I certainly don't have to worry about idiots that for some reason decide to reply to me but somehow manage say nothing at all.

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drunkenspy00726d ago

demon soul's is great, but the level design of dark souls is unmatched

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sdplisken27d ago

Bloodborne game of the gen for me

TheDoomedGuy26d ago

Just Platinumed it like a month ago maybe. Killing that white lady was pure fun....but I'm a father of 3 little kids so the crying baby was twisted as all hell....loved it but man it's twisted.

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RockHudson26d ago

fully agree, dark souls is amazing