Inside the 2008 Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction

Since Gabe's call to arms in 2003, in which the artist challenged his readers to fight the perception that our kind are dangerous sociopaths, those gamers have turned a modest act of altruism into a focused, serious effort to act as a force for good. The annual dinner event acts as a focal point for each year's campaign, and this year, GameCyte witnessed the phenomenon with their own eyes: For one night, gamers of all stripe - PC and console, Alliance and Horde, casual and hardcore - mingled freely and amicably under one roof, dressed in their swankiest attire, and eagerly gave away nearly a quarter-million dollars, all because Tycho and Gabe had asked nicely.

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GameCyteSean3602d ago

Just how influential Penny Arcade really is. Child's Play, PAX, Penny Arcade Adventures... I won't be surprised if they open up a restaurant next, with Child's Play donation boxes at the door and each register.