GiN Review: Soul Bubbles

Nathan Brice writes:

"This was a fun little Toys R Us exclusive. This game has a lot of potential and time consuming fun. It's not hard to pick up, it's not hard to grasp at all, and the story is pretty intriguing. The controls are simple without feeling cheap.

The game starts out with animated stills for cut scenes similar to a Penny Arcade art style. The narrator is an old Ghandi-looking guy who floats above the ground in a lotus position to impart the wisdom of the ages to you, or something fancy like that. In fact we'll call him Floating Ghandi. He informs you that you need to learn the ways of soul capturing by creating a bubble to carry these little Christmas bulb sized spirits to safety.

There are nasty creatures in the rain forest and they want to harm the spirits. You have to create a bubble that will transport the spirits through mazes and obstacles to their homes in the forest called Gateway Cubes. These cubes transport them back to the spirit world.

So Floating Ghandi tries to get your character to sneeze out your soul into the game. Yeah. Sneeze your soul into the game. All you have to do is blow into the Nintendo DS mic and your character will appear on screen. I wouldn't recommend conjuring up some mega sneeze to try and jump into the game. Ain't gonna happen. Your DS will be gross and unsightly. Seriously, don't do it. And don't ask how I know either..."

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